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A Five Things Meme...

I probably shouldn't do this as when I get on a five things kick, fics tend to result, but I'll give it a go anyway...

As snagged from procrastinating sinfulslasher who "snagged from the wonderful rabidchild, who pilfered it from frith_in_thorns (so if you do this, please credit her for her great idea)"

Post a topic in my fandoms (crossovers welcome), list, category, whatever, in comments. (examples: "Five Dates X Regretted Going On," or "Five Things Y Has On His Shelf", or "Your Five Favorite Songs to Write to). I'll (try to) answer with a list of five things (within reason).



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Aug. 28th, 2013 01:04 am (UTC)
Five things that El wishes that Peter wouldn't do
Five things that Peter wishes El wouldn't do
Five things and Peter and Elizabeth wish Neal would do
Aug. 28th, 2013 01:31 am (UTC)
Five things that El wishes that Peter wouldn't do

She knew what she was getting into by marrying an FBI agent, but she couldn't help but wish that there were some days he just had a simple 9 to 5 job that kept him home at night.

Since they started dating, Peter always tried to hide from her how certain men turned him on, especially, the leggy brunettes.

Peter always leaves his shoes on the floor instead of the shelf and then complains when their new puppy Satchmo chews on them.

Peter likes to talk about his cases, but sometimes he tells her details that she wished she'd never heard.

It took over ten years of marriage for Peter to be able to get his feeling across to her, but she wished he wouldn't take another ten to get his feelings for Neal in the open.

Five things that Peter wishes El wouldn't do

She reminds him about the dry cleaning all the time. Of course, the moment she did stop, everything went to hell for a day.

El likes to test different foods on him when she's determining a route to go for a job. He's thankful that Neal is now at his beck and call for that horrendous duty and he can settle back with a deviled ham sandwich.

She accepts the invitation from her parents for Thanksgiving every year and every year it's a train wreck. One time, he'd just like to stay home and enjoy the game from his couch.

Peter wished that El didn't have to worry about him every time he leaves for work with his gun. But as much as he loves her, he can't quit his job.

El has been after him to tell Neal how he- they- feel about him. But her pressure doesn't outweigh Peter's sense of duty as Neal's handler.

Five things and Peter and Elizabeth wish Neal would do

Neal likes to show up spontaneously during the week now that the Marshals added the path to their house in his radius. Sometimes they wish he'd knock instead of just picking the lock.

Neal tells the truth for the most part, but he tells it in a way that leads to assumptions on all fronts. And those assumptions would be better to have never existed at all.

When Neal landed in the ER for the third time in seven weeks, they both want to demand he stop taking risks, instead El just held his hand while Peter paced.

They both wondered if Neal could ever tell Mozzie no. They liked the short guy, but Mozzie had a tendency to lead Neal astray.

On the first anniversary of Neal's anklet coming off (coincidently their first anniversary as a three-way relationship), they asked Neal if he'd paint an original Caffrey for them. He just smiled pulled a cloth covering from his easel. He liked to be one step ahead.
Aug. 28th, 2013 04:19 am (UTC)
Five times Neal failed to woo Tony...and one time he did.
Aug. 28th, 2013 11:01 am (UTC)
Those five times Neal was caught naked in a...compromising position.

Five undercover ops Tony really enjoyed.
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