November 14th, 2006

Agent - Rookie

Crack!Fic: Spontaneous Combustion; BtVS Crossovers

Title: Agents of the C.O.A. started by satyrnfive
Author: Kayla Shay
Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy, Baywatch or the robot at the end.
Rating: FR15 for some innuendo and wordplay...

Note: Some dialogue was used and/or altered from the BtVS episode "Prophecy Girl". Also, a TTH author has a cameo yet again, jrabbit. Oh, this is not beta read because it is crack!fic, mistakes are bound to abound. *grin*

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BtVS Nervous

Ficlet: California Dreaming; BtVS, SPN

Title: California Dreaming
Author: Kayla Shay
Disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Supernatural, just playing with them.
Rating: FR7, just about as fluffy as they come.

Note: This is a challenge response for 20 Minutes With Tara written over lunch, so no promises about the quality or continuations.

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Highlander - OMG!

Meme: Icon Pairings

Meme stolen from bastardsnow...

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. etc.

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