January 16th, 2007

Highlander - Ooooh!

I Saw Snow!

Well, it was more like little flurries, but still, SNOW!

I was beginning to think that the trees were going to bud and spring was going to start. We don't get that much snow (and usually it's more ice and sleet) during the winter, but we usually see at least some. Now we are going into the teens and possibly single digits tonight... There really is a winter.
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Fanart: Cotton-Top Hell (BtVS, A Christmas Story, Donnie Darko); Chapter 8/?

Collection: Art of the Twisted
Artist: kaylashay
Current Chapter Count: 8
Series: Artistic Collections

Disclaimer: The pictures of Anya, Ralphie (A Christmas Story) and Frank the Bunny (Donnie Darko) are not mine. Ralphie is my own screencap and the others were found in internet image searches. I claim no rights to them. All effects are of my creation.

Author's Note: Keeping with the 'animal' theme of the last few chapters, my demented mind thought this up while commenting on a review. The wording comes from a line Anya said during the episode Tabula Rasa (inside cut). Enjoy!

Feedback: Reviews and feedback are preferred on my TTH post linked below, but I'll take what I get. :-)

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Chapter 8: Cotton-Top Hell

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