February 7th, 2007

SPN - Dean

Fanart: The Lighthouse's Tale (Supernatural)

Collection: Supernaturally Twisted
Artist: kaylashay
Current Chapter Count: 77
Series: Artistic Collections

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Chapter 77: The Lighthouse's Tale

Disclaimer: The pictures of Dean, Sam, Mary, John and Jess are not mine. I claim no rights to them. The background blue part is from http://oxoniensis-art.net. All other effects are of my creation.

Author's Note: This is not a crossover, but I'm listing it in my Supernaturally Twisted collection because I posted it that way on TTH and don't want to skew the chapter count. This one is actually artwork done for my Supernatural vid I made last night. The lyric's are from the song "The Lighthouse's Tale" by Nickel Creek. Please click the links below for the full size versions and for the link to the video.

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