December 25th, 2008

BtVS Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

*crawls out from the primordial ooze that swallowed me up*

The last several months have been a drag. Viral Bronchitis. Work. Internet issues. Work. Ice. Work. Wind. Work. Ice. Sick again with an ear infection and a cold... (that just happened this week)

This morning I was in the shower when my ear went haywire and the next thing I know, the world is spinning really fast around me. I sat down in the tub and shut my eyes and it was still spinning.

We think my ear drum might have ruptured or something...


So, Merry CHRISTMAS!! Hope everyone got what they wanted!

I got my new iMac from my boss!! Yay! Then I got some money to put towards programs for it... *double yay*

And the best thing was these magnetic rocks. I love to fidget with things while reading at the computer and they are perfect for it.

Well, Merry Christmas and here's hoping I can get back online more...