April 1st, 2009

NCIS - Tony Puff

NCIS Word Association v 2.0

In my previous NCIS Word Association I wasn't happy with the choices I had for Tony. I just couldn't think of any that night. So now I'm back with what I think is a better selection for Tony.

Poll #1376578 NCIS Word Association v 2.0

Tony DiNozzo

Big D, Little i, Big N, Little ozzo
Not Gibbs
I Smiled

Also, does anyone know if Kate ever called Gibbs Boss? I've been racking my brain and I can really only think of her calling him Gibbs.

Also, there are only 11 7 songs left to guess on my MP3 Guessing Game.
Highlander - D'Oh

18th Century European Death Penalty Reasons & Methods

I've been bouncing ideas for a new fic I'm plotting with triskellion and I'm looking for some help on one point of the story line. So LJ F-List, lend me a hand.

The Story Line
I'm working on a story line that has a character die for the first time to become immortal (Highlander style). His first death is caused because he is framed by a jealous husband of a woman that the character in question smiled at.


  • Set in 18th Century Europe (preferably Italy) circa 1700-1750

  • Valid reason the husband can frame the character that would result in the death penalty

  • Reason that would make the character scorned/resented by the community (public ridicule)

  • Method for the death sentence to be carried (other than beheading)

  • Enough time between death and character reviving for character to be buried in a shallow grave or something with the same effect (mass grave if more than one killed at same time?)

My Leanings
I'm leaning toward something religious or treason but I'm not sure what would result in the death penalty. I would like the death to be a public spectacle. And whatever the reason is, it needs to be something that a jealous man of a higher social class than the character could arrange.

What I've Searched
Google: 18th century death penalty; European Witch Trials; Reason for Death Penalty (and many variations of these)

I've looked at many of the first few pages of these including wikipedia links. I just haven't found anything that has jumped out at me yet.