July 18th, 2009

NCIS - Tony Happy Dance

...of Randomness and Nominations

First, thanks to those who nominated a few of my fics for the ncis_awards that just went into voting the other day.

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Next, I figured out a way to randomize my banners! That means I can add more banners and they just randomly appear each time you load the page. I've got a few more to go with my NCIS banner already and I'm thinking of making a few more NCIS ones. Gotta love code that lets you do fun things. :-)
NCIS - Tony

Banners, Banners, Banners...

So, I've gone on a banner making streak. So far, I have banners for the following fandoms: NCIS, Buffy, The Sentinel, Supernatural and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now I have some questions for my lovely F-List.

Poll #1431711 What Fandoms to Add?

What fandoms should Kayla add to the collection?

Star Trek XI
Stargate SG1 / SGA
More NCIS!
What about the Crossovers?!
The Code Has Gone to Kayla's Head!!
Ticky Box!!!
I'll Tell You in a Comment...
Just How Did You Get That Random Thing To Work?

ETA: Here's a Tutorial on doing the random banner selection!

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