August 12th, 2009

NCIS - Rule 12

Be Careful What You Say... (NCIS Fandom Epic Fail)

So, a mod post on spoilersforncis for a 'spoiler' for NCIS has epic fail. At the end of the post regarding something about TIVA (Tony/Ziva) and a spoiler, the mod said:

Oh, and if you don't like Tony/Ziva, do not comment on this post, we get it, you hate it, we're tired of the same argument.

Had that not been said, or if just a general "be courteous to the Tony/Ziva shippers when commenting" remark had been made, I never would have commented on the post. But with what was said above, I felt a need to comment, because that just irked the heck out me.

Note, the spoilers on this comm are not behind a cut, so you will see the spoilers if you go to the comm. My comment below does not contain any spoilers.

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Now, I never really get that ranty. I usually just keep quiet with my opinion or share my opinion with like minded people. It's rare for me to really go off in regards to something, so this really was not the proper way for a mod to put that request.

I de-watched the comm and will get my NCIS spoiler fix elsewhere.

ETA the 2nd: Apparently the original post has been deleted and the mod left the comm. Posts like that shouldn't be swept away. I can see turning off commenting to keep it from escalating more, but leave the original post and all its comments in tack. It's called owning up to what you said/started. Just last week, I owned up to a mistake at work that I didn't make but I was the one responsible for who did the work and making sure the work was done correctly. I sent an email to my boss with the outline of what happened and who did what and took responsibility for my error in not catching an error someone else made. I didn't sweep it under the rug or try to blame the person who did the work incorrectly.

::sigh:: I will be posting a set of icons tonight! SQUEE! And possibly some crack!fic to go with the icon. :-)

ETA: A new icon has been inspired. It's up for grabs, just credit me. :-)