November 1st, 2009

HP - Crazy

Happy Halloween & Remember to Set Your Clocks Back...

Yes, that's me in the picture.

Sorry (especially avamclean and azraelz_angel) on the delay of Florida pictures. Taking a week off of work makes a person really busy when they come back. Then I've spent the last several days working from 6pm-ish to well after midnight at the area's largest haunted attraction. My uncle and his wife run a Dippin' Dots store and they were providing concessions, so I've been helping out. In exchange, I got to go through the haunted attractions (one's like 30-45 minutes long and the other is 15 minutes or so) without cost and skipping the line. Also got my face painted tonight.

Pictures and Florida details (including the scary moment in the hotel that avamclean missed out on but azraelz_angel got to see and laugh about) will be coming tomorrow when I wake up.

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