December 12th, 2009

Plot Bunny Season

NCIS Comment Fic Meme: Gibbs & Tony Centric

I've seen several doing those song lyric things with their names in it and decided to see what it spit out for Gibbs and Tony. Some of the results made me think, "Wouldn't that make a good fic?"

So... below you'll find all the results I generated that I felt were worth something. I'll try to keep a round-up of anything that gets created.


  1. Generate fic, artwork or vids based on the prompts below.

  2. Anything goes. This includes: ratings, crossovers, pairings, gen/het/slash and hell even femslash if there's a way to pull it off with the prompts provided.

  3. Please note if you will have spoilers. (I don't care, but others reading might.)

  4. If it goes longer than a comment, you can do separate comments or just a link to somewhere else you posted it.

  5. More than one response is welcome for any of the prompts.

  6. Pimp this out to others if you want to. All are welcome!

  7. Have fun and by all means talk amongst yourselves. :-)

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