August 21st, 2010

NCIS - Tony Hug

In shock...

I received a call from my mom just a little bit ago and apparently lighting hit my dad's work shed around 4am and the fire spread to the house. My parents made it out just fine, but the house is pretty much a loss. They won't know until they start going through things. It's the house I grew up in. And they hadn't seen a sign of the four cats yet (including my cat Abu who is really getting up in years around 16-17), or at least my mom hadn't when she left to go to my grandma's house for a bit.

cheerfulchaotic, sister_devora and pedropadrao... I don't know how fast the family grapevine is traveling, but yeah... :-( I said something must have it out for all the old family houses since granny's family house burned a few years back and now this one. It was almost to 100 year mark.

ETA: One cat survived! Cali... she's Abu's sister and my mom said she was a little worse for wear, but made it. Abu and Cookie did not make it. :-( And they hadn't found the other one, Kitty, yet.

The house will be a loss. They are working to save some things now in case the fire starts back up, including my dad's gun safes. She said their clothes should be salvageable after a good wash or two or more as long as the fire doesn't reignite like it did at a relative's house a few years back.