February 19th, 2012

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Trip Planning (aka I Wanna Go to Disney World)

So, my roommate has a cousin getting married in St. Augustine, Florida at the end of September and now we're plotting that it would be the perfect excuse for a trip to Disney World. I'm now looking for details and options to cut costs so we can afford this. Any ideas based on the below would be more than welcome (especially if you have a couch/floor we could crash on within 30 minutes of Disney).

The History
Me: I have never been to Disney World. The closest I got was Downtown Disney with azraelz_angel and avamclean a few years ago prior to our Halloween Horror Nights at Universal excursion. Before I was born and when I was little (as in before I remember time), my grandparents lived in Florida. During that time, my brother got to go three times and my sister twice and me zero. My sister vaguely recalls being told to be quiet so as not to wake me up when they were preparing to leave for Disney while I stated with my grandparents.

The Roomie: He worked at Disney for a year in college. He did one of those college work programs and Disney is his 3rd greatest love next to Coca Cola and hot guys. So he wants to play the former Disney park know-it-all and show me around.

The Plan
The wedding is Sept. 29th in St. Augustine. I have a relative who lives in Ormond Beach which is roughly an hour away. So the goal will be to see if she is available and stay with her and drive up to the wedding and back to cut hotel costs there. The downside is that her place is about 2 hours from Disney. We would like to spend either 3 days at Disney OR 2 days Disney / 1 day Universal (Harry Potter!). To do that, we would really need to stay somewhere that is at least 30 minutes or less from the parks to not be wiped out driving, etc.

We would like to make the park days Mon-Wed October 1-3. That would mean staying in Orlando somewhere Sun-Wed nights (4 nights). Then we'll head back to my relative's place to finish out the stay in Florida on the beach.

If anyone has any tips, links to travel sites, etc. that has discounted deals that beat the prices straight from the Disney site, that would be awesome. I was even browsing that Couch Surfer website, but that seems kind of scary. Anyone?