November 13th, 2013

NCIS - Tony Ho Ho Ho

12 Days of Ficmas

Since others are doing it and I did something like this once before (The Twelve Days of Christmas), I figured I'd give it a go. However, I've got a bit of a twist to mine, so read below. Also, this will be my December unwritten post. :)

The Prompts

✔ = written

12/25 - One Tracking Anklet (100 words; White Collar; Peter/El/Neal)
Peter takes the tracking anklet off for the last time on Christmas Eve.

12/26 - Two Burkes for Neal (200 words; White Collar; Peter/El/Neal)
El finds a contemplative Neal on Christmas morning.

12/27 - Three Modifications (300 words; NCIS; Gibbs/Shannon/Tony) cinderella81
For Christmas, Shannon gets Gibbs a very special present present ... Tony. (feel free to have her make him a redhead before giving him to Gibbs LOL)

12/28 - Four Turtle Necks (400 words; NCIS; Gibbs/Tony) hawk_soaring
Tony is just back from a six month assignment and starts wearing turtle necks to work. Good thing it's December. Gibbs looks smug.

12/29 - Five Gold Rings (500 words; White Collar; Peter/El/Neal) sinfulslasher
Their first Christmas together. How (and where *g*) you put those gold rings is up to you... *waggles eyebrows*

12/30 - Six Punishments (600 words; White Collar; Peter/El/Neal) elrhiarhodan
Six times that Neal did something he needed to be punished for.

12/31 - Seven Little Words (700 words; White Collar; Peter/El/Neal) hawk_soaring
Neal realizes he has no one to celebrate New Year's with. June is away. Mozzie is out of town... (Peter and El to the rescue!)

01/01 - Eight Tracks Home (800 words) weird_fin
For Neal the beginning of each year was always different, this one is no exception but could be the start of a new tradition.

01/02 - Nine Pieces of Art (900 words; White Collar; Neal-centric) sinfulslasher
Nine Pieces of Art Neal created. (Can be forgeries, can be original art, can be anything from doodles to masterpieces.)

01/03 - Ten Tattoos (1000 words; NCIS; Gibbs/Abby/Tony) taylorgibbs
First time

01/04 - Eleven Christmas Wishes (1100 words; NCIS; Gibbs/Tony) tejas
The holidays came and went without notice due to a case. Now the guys are off duty and Gibbs is finally ready to give Tony what Tony's always wanted.

01/05 - Twelve Shocking Moments (1200 words; NCIS; Gibbs/Abby/Tony) taylorgibbs
Surprise Senior visit when Tony missed Christmas. Snowstorm encouraged.