June 2nd, 2014

NCIS - Abby Rock On

30 Day Photo Meme - Day 21

Day 21 - a photo of a special moment for yourself, your family or a friend

May 1999

This is my high school graduation cap. My sister painted it for me. I was co-valedictorian and my speech was the ABCs to Life After Graduation. The letter D was Do or Do Not, There is No Try. :)


May 2007

Sticking with the graduation theme, this is my younger cousin at her graduation. This does have a minor Photoshop edit with the people in the background blurred a bit more than what they were. However, the movement of the tassels was all original in the photo. I just loved this particular picture. I actually did a larger print of it for her as a gift. She is getting married in early September.
Highlander - D'Oh

A Little Flash Flooding

The rain really let loose tonight. The first video is of our water fountain in the basement and the second is the whirlpool across the street from my house after the rain stopped. That street just got deeper as you kept going down it. According to the news it reached two feet deep by the hospital parking lot a block away from where I was standing.

Before we got our rain, my parents got about 2" of rain in 15-20 minutes. They went out to take pictures after it stopped raining.

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