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Travels Far and Wide

I went back to work today after a brief hiatus that took me to Florida... Yay for vacations!

First, I got sick with a cold that tried to turn into something else. (white spots were on the throat!!) So I carted myself to the doctor and demanded medicine before my trip as I wanted to enjoy Florida. It worked.

Then the roomie and I left last week on Thursday afternoon and drove to Atlanta. On Friday, we spent the morning at the Georgia Aquarium where I was mesmerized by various aquatic critters. Then we had to detour into the Coca Cola Store where I limited the roomie to about 15 minutes. Otherwise he would have spent his entire life savings in there. We also wandered through Olympic Centennial Park and rode the new ferris wheel (SkyView Atlanta).

Then we hopped back in the car and drove to Orlando. This year, we did Universal Studios. I will say that Disney is much more welcoming of its guests and easier to navigate when it comes to parking your car. Let's just say that the first stop after finally getting in our room with luggage was the hotel bar.

We spent the next few days roaming the parks, lounging at the pool and wandering around CityWalk. We also learned that motion rides + 3D does not agree with either us anymore. There was a bit of motion sickness on night two... The Harry Potter castle and Hogsmeade looked awesome. And we enjoyed a butterbeer and food at The Three Broomsticks. And while on the Spiderman ride, we almost had to be rescued due to a ride malfunction. But they got it going again, so we didn't get a fun story to tell. And I kicked the roomie's ass at mini golf (two rounds!).

After leaving Orlando, we went to Ormond Beach for a night. I have a great-aunt that lives there. She's been sick with the worst form of shingles, but we were able to visit for a bit over lunch. Then we did some ocean swimming (it was warmer than the pool) and beach walking.

We drove back without an overnight stop on Tuesday. There was an accidental detour in Atlanta that actually saved us an hour of driving time. We put 1,712.4 miles on my car which is probably why I had a low tire pressure light come on yesterday. All in all, the trip was great!

Next up is NYC in a few weeks (16 days actually)!!

There are a ton of shows sitting on the DVR for me to start watching. Once Upon a Time I have to wait for the roomie to watch. I started Criminal Minds tonight. I'm giving Sleepy Hallow a chance, but I'm not sure yet. I'll also be giving Agents of SHIELD a chance, but that one I have to watch with the roomie. As for NCIS... I'm recording them, but I think I'll wait for the third ep to record before watching the others. I only watched about 3-4 eps last season and nothing after the Christmas ep. So we'll see how it goes. And of course White Collar starts just before I leave for NCY.

I've gotten behind on the overall Get Your Words Out goal, but I think I will still have my prolific year ever. I also completed my longest fic ever for the White Collar Big Bang which made me all kinds of happy. Now I have several challenges coming up and I also have artwork to do for two NCIS big bangs. Fun times!

In other news, the guy that was my driver's ed teacher around 17 years ago just got charged with a felony aggravated DUI. Apparently it's not his first either... more like third.

In closing, please allow yourself to be as mesmerized by the manta ray as I was:


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Oct. 4th, 2013 12:45 am (UTC)
\o/ for awesome vacations! :)
Oct. 6th, 2013 09:06 pm (UTC)
It was! Now for NCY fun times!
Oct. 4th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
Sounds like an awesome time! I completely loved the Georgia Aquarium when I was there years ago for D*C. WHALE SHARKS AND SEA OTTERS OMG.

Nice to see you again :D
Oct. 6th, 2013 09:07 pm (UTC)
Those whale sharks were MASSIVE!! I also enjoyed the beluga whales.
Oct. 4th, 2013 04:15 am (UTC)
You rock :) Hugs and such!!
Oct. 6th, 2013 09:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
Oct. 4th, 2013 02:26 pm (UTC)
I LOVE the GA Aquarium. The big coral reef room... I could sit there all day. Darn adult responsibilities (and military moves) that prevent me from doing that.
Oct. 6th, 2013 09:08 pm (UTC)
I got an awesome picture of that coral reef. My mom said it was a puzzle picture.
Oct. 4th, 2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
That sounds like a lovely holiday!
Oct. 6th, 2013 09:08 pm (UTC)
It was nice for a much needed break from reality. :)
Oct. 6th, 2013 06:46 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had an amazing time for the most part! :D The aquarium sounds fascinating (love the vid, what a show off! *g*).

Yay, NYC coming up! \o/

Yay, more ficcage and art! :D

(That reminds me...there was never any kind of masterpost in the WC BB comm, damn the mods. Must go back and snatch all the awesome fic and download it to be read on the trip!)
Oct. 6th, 2013 09:13 pm (UTC)

That guy was a show off. There were a few other show offs too.

I've got mine posted on AO3 if that makes it easier for you to get a copy to read. You shall have plenty of awesome reading material for the flight!
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