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Donations for the Pets of Brookport, IL

The town of Brookport, IL was hit by a tornado yesterday. At least three in the town have been killed. I've been seeing on Facebook that there is an 11 year old boy in critical condition with a head injury. Today, I purchased $64 worth of immediately needed supplies (cleaning supplies, plastic storage, personal hygiene, headache relief meds, water, etc.) and took to one of the churches that are gathering supplies.

If any on my F-List would like to donate to a worthy cause, I've added a link below. Due to Brookport being a low economic area, there are not many direct online donation links monetary wise. Most are taking cash/check donations locally. Brookport falls under the St. Louis Chapter of the Red Cross, but I wouldn't trust that the money would make it down from St. Louis.

For the Pets
There are many, many displaced pets from the storm. A local vet clinic is doing free work on injured pets and the animal shelter in Metropolis, IL is organizing pet rescue and housing pets in hopes to get them reunited with their owners. This animal shelter could use donations for finding extra space to house the animals along with food and supplies. I know many of you are pet lovers, so I figured this would be a good online way to help raise money in support. Just visit the website link below and the Paypal donation link is on their home page.


If something else comes help for online donations that I know will go directly to Brookport, I'll let you know.


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Nov. 19th, 2013 10:27 am (UTC)

It always leaves me in tears when I see abused or neglected animals. Now with the added displacement due to the tornado, all I wanna do is go there and adopt a dozen of the furry babies (or seniors). Alas, I can't. But I can do the next best thing, and that is donating some money.

So, I did that. Thanks for providing the link!
Nov. 20th, 2013 12:18 am (UTC)
thanks for the links, hon. HUGS!!
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