Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

2014 GYWO Update: Week 02

Didn't get as much writing done as I had planned this weekend. A 92-year-old great uncle passed away a week ago. Yesterday was the "Celebration of Life" services for him. I played videographer and recorded just over 90 minutes of stories as family and friends talked about him. Topics ranged from aliens, ESP, nut trees, math, war, speeding tickets, music and much more. For this uncle was an interesting man who helped create radar technology during World War II (hence the reference to a speeding ticket some received on the way to the service) and could also compose his own musical arrangements. And just a few months ago he attended a UFO convention in Chicago. Now I'm in the process of compiling the videos to place to Youtube... What an interesting world we live in when one uploads funeral services to Youtube.

Next up writing wise is my wc_reverse_bb fics. I have 3 I need to write. At least I have one fully planned out and the other two I have ideas for. :)

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Original: 2,525

01/2013: 7,925 / 12,740 (-4,815)

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