Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Birthday Recap...

My birthday kicked off at 20 minutes to 6 this morning. I suddenly awoke to the sound of rushing water. Lots of rushing water. My first thought was that it couldn't be raining that hard outside. Then I realized it was the bathroom. I made it to the hallway to see a fountain of spraying water spewing all over the bathroom. The water had already made it from the tiled bathroom floor to the wood floor of the hallway. I woke the roommate and he battled the geyser to the shut off valve. Once the water stopped, we went to the basement to get the wet/dry vac and found a waterfall in the basement where the water was going through the wood floor to the basement. Once the water was sucked up and the four rolls of toilet paper that died trying to fight the flood were buried in the trash, we went back to bed. The roomie got the broken piece fixed today. We're just glad it happened while we were home and that I woke up when the water started roaring.

Otherwise, it has been a nice day. Tomorrow I'm waking up way too early on a Saturday morning (4:30 am!!) to go watch my niece's gymnastic meet.

josgotglock, weird_fin Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

starbuckssue for the cupcake

AND my TWIN sinfulslasher for Merman Neal!!! Which needs a sequel like now!!! Read it here: http://gaby-fanfic.livejournal.com/76339.html

(I think I caught all the LJ mentions...)
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