Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

30 Day Photo Meme - Day 01

As previously seen from elrhiarhodan and sinfulslasher because I need something to get back into posting after a long drought.

Day 01 - a photo with water in it

Austrian Alps. Our study abroad group took a trip to this location. It is in Western Austria.
June 2002

Lake Constance (Bodensee). As seen at sunset on my last night in Europe from Haus Einsle, Berg-Isel-Weg, Bregenz, Austria.
June 2002

The Family* Lake (*note, it shares my real last name which I won't post on here). My great uncle had this lake built in the 60s and it is a few miles from where I grew up. This is where I learned to swim, fish, water ski, kneeboard, wakeboard and spend time with the family.
April 2012

Tags: life: photography, meme: 30 day photo

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