Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

30 Day Photo Meme - Day 14

Day 14 - a photo of something you eat

May 26, 2014

This was tonight's dinner. My roomie and I met up with a few friends and cooked out. The two married friends hosting are vegetarians and therefore did veggie burgers. This was my first ever veggie burger. I was okay... but I'll take my meat for every day use. I made the deviled eggs. I love me some deviled eggs. And yes, my corn on the cob and butter deserved its own plate.


March 14, 2014

My second annual Pi Day Pie on 3/14. I have several food allergies and the only that actually annoys me is cinnamon. I can't eat or even really smell cinnamon. However, I love apples and most baked apple items include cinnamon. So when I want an apple pie, I make own cinnamon free apple pie. I found a great recipe on All Recipes for it.
Tags: life: photography, meme: 30 day photo

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