Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Halloween is Around the Corner

Been getting prepared for Halloween. It's a big thing around my house. The street my roomie and I live on is the main trick-or-treating street in town. A few years ago, a guy a few blocks used a counter as kids came up and he ticked just over 2,000.

Every year we host a party and invite friends over and just ask them to bring a bag of candy to help hand out. It's usually a blast. Last year wasn't as a big since the tornado sirens went off in the middle of it all sending the trick-or-treaters running and us sitting in the basement with a few guests. Here's hoping for better weather this year.

Costume wise, we're doing Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and the outside will have some NBC decorations to compliment us (yes, we are dragging the Christmas tree out and putting it on the porch). My mom is piecing together my dress. So far I have a secondhand $2 black dress that she is piecing the various fabrics pieces onto. Two t-shirts have been sacrificed for this process.

Below are a few pictures of our indoor decorations...





Tags: life: halloween

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