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Where Has 2015 Gone?

Wow... I suck at online life this year. Work is still rocky at the moment as we need to find more work to keep working. Family wise, I've been involved since before April. There was my niece's Baptism and First Communion, my birthday (thanks for all the wishes out there), the roomie's birthday (a joint party was held for him, a friend and myself, there was cookie cake), Mother's Day (driving in pouring rain from Missouri back to Kentucky not fun) and coming up is my parents birthdays this weekend (the cake is in the fridge) and then Memorial Day. Where has the year gone!!

In fic news, I need to finish typing up by two wc_reverse_bb fics since I hand wrote them. (remember to email cookielaura about them!!) And then I really need to sit down and do some writing. I've been kind of blah since last fall on writing really. *sad face*

And then the big item... In June, I'm taking a big road trip with my sister and 8 year old niece. My niece gets to compete in a national gymnastics competition that is being held in Las Vegas. We are doing the whole driving thing and making side adventures along the way, including: The Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Santa Monica Beach/Pier and Hollywood. It will hopefully be an awesome trip, especially for my niece who has only been at the furtherest 4-ish hours away from home. My sister has been doing fund raisers with the gymnastics team and has a Go Fund Me page set up. Hopefully we have it all squared away in another 3.5 weeks!


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May. 18th, 2015 06:44 pm (UTC)
HAI THAR! I remember you! *tacklehugs*

I know the blah feeling about writing. Sigh. But hey, the plunnehs will come back! And I'm really looking forward to reading your RBBs! :)

Oh, and...go, Nadia! \o/
May. 20th, 2015 03:10 am (UTC)
I think I remember you... Maybe... ;)

And I think I've been just blah all around. I'm trying to un-blah myself. Here's hoping for plunnehs and blah-removal!

And we will be cheering Nadia on! We've got about $600 left to raise so we can make the trip, unless we skip eating because that's pretty much the food budget. What we made on Go Fund Me so far went to the competition fees, coach fees and leotard fees (of course they have to get a new one and not use their current team one and those things are expensive!). So if you know any German philanthropists who like gymnastics, pass the link on!

I'll be posting pictures along the way. :)

As for RBB... I need to get them typed up! I have most hand written out and one posts on Friday!! I need a task master!
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