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Kayla Shay

TTH5000 Prompt List - Dawn/Methos

Okay, so I signed myself up for the tth5000 and plan on using it to expand my Dawn/Methos stories. Without further ado, here is my prompt list:


In Progress
12. A kidnapping or hostage situation. (Captive Love)

All Prompts
1. A natural disaster.
2. A haunted house/building.
3. A murder mystery.
4. A government program.
5. A new law.
6. Demonic posession.
7. A unique apocalypse situation.
8. A prophecy involving a dead person.
9. A character death.
10. A wedding from Hell.
11. "Surprise, we're not really related!!"
12. A kidnapping or hostage situation.
13. A blind date or internet romance.
14. Vacation fun/mishaps.
15. Going into business.
16. "Darn it! We couldn't stop the portal from opening!"
17. Trouble/fun with twins/clones.
18. Revenge of the ex.
19. "But... we thought you were dead!"
20. Answer to any challenge posted prior to 10/01/2006 at http://www.tthfanfic.com - cannot include any challenge that is limited to less than 5k words, obviously.
Tags: .fanfic, challenge: tth5000, character: dawn summers (btvs), character: methos (highlander), fandom: btvs/ats, fandom: highlander, list: to-do

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