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Announcement: Supernaturally Twised Website

Announcement: A new website has been launched by satyrnfive called Supernaturally Twisted. It is a site for posting Supernatural crossover fanfic and fanart. Go visit, read and/or join!


Collection: Supernaturally Twisted
Artist: kaylashay
Current Chapter Count: 84
Series: Artistic Collections

Feedback: Reviews and feedback are preferred on my TTH post linked below, but I'll take what I get. :-)

Cross Posted: supernaturalart; sn_crossovers; manipology

View Complete Collection at TTH

Chapter 84: Supernaturally Twisted Banners II

Disclaimer: The pictures of all characters present are not mine. I claim no rights to them.

Author's Note: Here are some more banners I have created Supernaturally Twisted, a Supernatural crossover site.

The artwork I based this banner on was Go Ask Alice.

The artwork I based this banner on was Wish You Were Here.

The artwork I based this banner on was Are You on the List? Version 2.

This was spawned by the episode "Houses of the Holy" and the fact that I made an animated icon (with some genius help from Saturn) from the comment Dean makes in that episode. The unicorn is Uni from the 80s cartoon Dungeons and Dragons. You can grab the icon, however, do not hotlink to the icon, please host it in your own location.

If image does not load on first attempt, please refresh your browser page as my hosting location sometimes spazzes out...
Tags: .banners, .crossover, .fanart, collection: supernaturally twisted, fandom: dungeons and dragons, fandom: firefly, fandom: heroes, fandom: stargate, fandom: supernatural

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