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Fanfic To-Do List

I'm putting up a to-do list with things I know I'm working on and then some ideas I may be working on:

Fanfic To-Do List

  1. A Slayer's Hand - Chapter 2
    Faith/Methos; Dark Fic; chapter 2 will have character death

  2. Imagine
    Xander; Halloween Fic; Quantum Leap Cross; Part 2 of The Unsolved Mysteries of Xander Harris Series

  3. New Teacher on the Block - Chapter 6
    FFA: Xander/Dumbledore

  4. Captive Love - Expansion
    Since I am using this to jump start my tth5000 entries and need to expand it by 1000 words...

  5. Guided Lineage
    Xander; Terminator; Currently, 10 chapters outlined

Fanfic Planning / Plot Bunny List

  • More for my fic Death Becomes Her that is Tara in the Highlander-verse.

  • A revamp that's a long time in coming to Mountain of Destiny, my Xander/Dawn at the SGC fic.

  • A SPN/Cars crossover with the Impala investigating the "Ghostlight"... *hangs head for thinking of it*

I'm sure there are some other plot bunnies I'm not thinking of right now. If you have some for me, let me know!
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