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Fanfic: Acts of God Not Covered (SPN/AtS)

Title: Acts of God Not Covered
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Fandoms: Supernatural; Angel the Series
Characters: Lindsey; the Yellow-Eyed Demon
Challenge: spn_btvs Weekly Challenge #1 - Weather; Team Hellfire
Word Count: 1,332
Timeline: 2 weeks prior to Supernatural pilot episode; adjust AtS timeline to fit
Disclaimer: Do not own Supernatural or Angel the Series.

Crossposted: spn_btvs; sn_crossovers

Summary: Lindsey's first client since his promotion to Junior Partner has a problem with the fine print of his contract.

Artwork is part of the Supernaturally Twisted collection and the Artistic Collections series.
For variations of this manip, visit here.

Lindsey sat with confidence behind the new hardwood desk that had been delivered earlier that morning. The wood was polished to the point he could almost make out his reflection on the surface. The sunlight filtered through the tinted windows filling Lindsey with warmth in his heart that had been growing since he received his promotion to Junior Partner the week before.

Now he sat in his own office, could buzz his own secretary and had an expense account with no known limit. With all of this, he wanted nothing more than to go to the trailer his father still lived in and rub it all in his face. For so many years he was told he was worthless and would amount to nothing more than the gas station attendant down the road. He spent his whole life working to prove his old man wrong and now he had. He was on his way to the top of one of the world’s largest and most powerful law firms. Nothing could stop him.

Still basking in the glow, he glanced at the agenda that was already lined up for him by his direct supervisor Lilah Morgan. With the role of Junior Partner, he would be given his own set of clients. Glancing down, he saw the first meeting was set for one o’clock. That gave him two hours to enjoy lunch, polish his desk some more and take a glance through, he checked the agenda again for a name, well, through the case file of a yellow-eyed demon who preferred to be addressed as “My Lord”. Life was about to get interesting.

Lindsey clasped his hands in front of him on the shiny desk surface creating a smudge from the sweat off of his palms. He could not, no, make that would not allow the demon to pick up on his nervous state. His success or failure with this first client would be the indicator as to how his future at Wolfram and Hart would play out; and failure was not part of his vocabulary.

“Welcome to Wolfram & Hart My Lord,” Lindsey paused to let the emphasis hang on the demon’s preferred title. “May I ask as to why you graced us with a visit today?”

Lindsey watched as the man leaned forward and the yellow tints in his eyes flared as he slammed his hands down on the desk’s surface. Lindsey succeeded in holding back the wince he felt when the slight creak of wood reached his ears.

“You know DAMN well why I came to California today! I am guaranteed the nursery fire death of the mother of the first five of my children born each year. Guaranteed! Now I will not be able to influence that child until they reach the age of eighteen. I could lose this child and possibly my future war because of this damn foul up!

Lindsey had trained hard to keep his face emotionless and he was about to put all of his skills to the test on his first client meeting. “My Lord,” he paused for another show of respect, “we at Wolfram & Hart are well aware of the need for influence over all of your chosen children and that any disruption in your control from the lack of the initiating fire can affect your future goals. However,” Lindsey took a breath to prepare for the backlash he knew the next statement would cause, “as stated within clause 93 of section 2A, if the nursery fire death of the mother of the first five children born each year by the Gregorian calendar does not occur due to an interruption by an act of God, then the Client is not entitled to any rights to influence, interfere or visit (both physically and metaphysically) the child in question until that child is eighteen years of age. Furthermore,” Lindsey plugged on trying not to notice the yellow eyes taking on brighter shade, “an act of God is detailed as any event not initiated intentionally by humans, animals and other entities that have not achieved God status. This includes, but is not limited to, floods, earthquakes, fires and inclement weather.”

“Therefore, My Lord, the untimely destruction of house in which the child in question resided due to a tornadic event that occurred mere minutes before the scheduled fire is not covered under the emergency death policy. Since all family members survived the tornado, you will not be allowed to begin recruitment of that child for another seventeen and a half year.”

Lindsey watched as the yellow-eyed demon brought his flaring eyes to bare full force on him. To his credit, Lindsey did not flinch, even as the office began to shake as though an earthquake was happening.

The demon’s voice was low and gravelly as he began to speak, “I demand to speak with the senior partners at once over this. I will have your head you little pissant. Several of my children enjoy feasting on human brains.”

With a slight smile, Lindsey decided the time was right to lay his trump card. “My Lord,” Lindsey gave a slight bow, “let’s not be too hasty in that decision. I would like to offer you an alternative, how can I say it, an alternative pleasure to replace the pleasure you would have received from the early corruption of this child.”

Lindsey’s smile grew as the room stopped shaking, “I believe you are well aware of the Winchester family.”

The room shook again as the demon growled out, “Yes, and that damn John Winchester who has thwarted every attempt I have made at reaching young Sam. Do you bring this up to laugh at me, pissant?”

“No My Lord,” Lindsey said with a humbled voice. “I have acquired some information that you may not be aware of regarding Sam Winchester. It appears that the boy is in love.”

“Love?” the demon questioned. “That is not possible! Not one of my chosen children.”

“It is My Lord. The girl’s name is Jessica Moore. Our records also show that on November 2nd, two weeks from now, it will mark the 22nd anniversary of Mary Winchester’s death.”

The demon steepled his fingers under his chin as he questioned Lindsey, “You tempt with this information, but what can I do with it? John Winchester will inevitably come in between me and my goals again.”

“My Lord,” Lindsey let a full smile grace his face, “we have enacted certain support in ensuring that John Winchester is not in a position to interfere with any plans you would like to implement with Jessica Moore. Under clause 32b of contract addendum 13, the Client is entitled to support from Wolfram & Hart and its subsidiaries in the event that a chosen child has deviated from his predestined path. Deviations can include, but are not limited to, the taking of holy vows into the Christian priesthood or sisterhood and pure love for another human (provided the love is returned in same).”

A smile began to appear on the demon’s face, “Young Sam is in love with this girl? And her him?”

“Yes,” Lindsey answered as he stood to be eye level with the demon. “Wolfram & Hart is prepared to lend you any support over the next two weeks with whatever you would like to plan for the happy couple. We have also been informed that Sam has started manifesting his precognitive powers. As far as we can tell, he has been dreaming about fires.”

The demon smiled, “A fire, I just love a good fire. Thank you for your time Mr. McDonald. I look forward to working with you more.”

With popping sound, followed by a dissipating cloud of putrid, yellow smoke, the demon simply vanished from Lindsey’s office.

Lindsey walked slowly over to the liquor cabinet that had been fully stocked that morning and poured himself a victory glass of scotch. This was the sign he wanted of great things to come.
Tags: .crossover, .fanfic, .genre: gen, challenge: team hellfire, character: lindsey mcdonald (ats), character: yellow-eyed demon (supernatur, fandom: btvs/ats, fandom: supernatural

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