Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay


I was at my parents' this weekend looking for my high school diploma and came across a number of "wow, I remember that" items in dust filled boxes. Awards, school papers, pictures and even my Cabbage Patch Kid's official birth certificate. His name was Gabriel Isaac and he still resides at my parents. :-)

I also thumbed through some old notebooks I saved from junior high and found two poems I wrote when I was probably bored in my math class. Nothing on a grand scale, but I found them interesting. Just be glad I'm not sharing the story I wrote in 3rd grade called "Shipwreck" that I found. ;-)

Remember, I was only 11-12 when I wrote these and I copied them as they were in my notebook.

The Dreamer
I spend the time
Wandering about
Lost in a world
With no known fears.
Creating ideas
To solve my problems.
Without me,
The dreamer,
The world would not
Survive at all.

Faces of different expression I see.
Some serious, some glad,
Some happy, some sad.
Each thinking something else,
Each wondering something new.
Faces are different on
Every person on Earth.

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