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Fanfic: Fractured Ruins (BtVS, Supernatural)

Title: Fractured Ruins
Author: kaylashay
Disclaimer: Do not own BtVS, Supernatural or the characters used.
Rating: FR13
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Supernatural
Timeline: Post-Chosen for BtVS; Born Under a Bad Sign for Supernatural
Warnings: Character Death
Team: team_hellfire
Word Count: 1,394

Cross Posted: spn_btvs; sn_crossovers

Written For: Weekly Challenge #3 at spn_btvs; Use the following line somewhere in the story: "Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one that touched it!"

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.
-Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago

Willow smiled faintly at the circle of exotic flowers she sat within on a hill overlooking Cleveland. It had been four years since the collapse of the Sunnydale Hellmouth and her magical control couldn’t have been better. Sure, she experienced a little slip up now and then, or sometimes felt that deep yearning, craving to gather more power. But she had learned to squash those urges. She liked to think she was impervious to the temptation that black magic provided.

At that moment, Willow was practicing what the Devon Coven had called Oversight. Willow had used it before but only for short periods of time. Now she was opening herself up for hours at a time to the magical view of the world.

Looking at the world this way amazed her. She saw the flows of energy all around her. She saw how the energies intersected one another and how they interacted with living things. Best of all, she could see the auras that surrounded others.

Looking at the slayers with this sight showed their differences to the regular humans around them. The energies that flowed throughout them, both dark and light, almost blinded her at times. It was the same with Dawn. Sure, the energy of the key was locked away, dormant, but it had left its mark on the girl. Willow had to wonder why she was not kidnapped more often the way her energies were lit up like a Christmas tree.

The one thing that annoyed her was her inability to see her own aura. No matter what spell she attempted or mirror or camera trick she tried, something (or someone, a tiny voice in her mind whispered) kept her from seeing her own energies. She longed to see how the energy flowed and reacted in her own body, how much of the dark magic still touched her soul. But it was kept from her and, goddess help her, she wanted to see it.

It was an hour later that she felt him approach. The feeling was like a monstrous wave crashing down upon her repeatedly. There was so much power and energy present in this one being that was beyond anything she had met outside of Glory, the First, and herself.

The only difference was, while her power was controlled and held in check, his power was turbulent and uncontrolled. It was coursing throughout his body and soul with no bounds in place. This boy, make that a man her mind whispered as she looked up at him, was heading for trouble fast. She felt an inner euphoria that maybe, just maybe, she could help this young man and, in doing so, she would also add a plus notch toward making up for her past.

“Hi! I’m Willow, but seeing as you found me up on this hill when no one else is around, you probably already knew that.” Willow cast him a smile as she turned around with her greeting. She drew in a short breath, for the man in front of her had boyishly handsome charms. Sure, she liked the girls, but she could still enjoy the guys, especially when they looked like that.

The guy in question cast her a shy smile and ducked his head slightly as if embarrassed. “I-- I hope you don’t mind me intruding and all,” he said with light yet worried tone. “I stopped by your house and this guy said I could find you up here. I just assumed it was okay since he said so.”

Willow kept smiling, but made a mental note to thank Andrew later for sending an unknown entity up to find her. “That would be Andrew. Annoying to the point that you want to do bodily harm to him most times, but overall a decent guy.”

The guy just nodded and Willow missed the brief flicker of amusement cross his eye at the mention of bodily harm. “Yeah, I’ve got a brother like that. By the way, I’m Sam Winchester.”

He didn’t reach his hand to shake hers, so she didn’t offer her own. It was wise to keep your hands to yourself when dealing with unknown powerful people.

“So what brings you up to this hill in Cleveland Sam? The view?”

“I wish,” he responded with a snort. “Do you have the time to listen? It starts back in 1983 when I six months old…”

For the next hour, Willow listened as Sam told her of the nursery room fire that claimed his mother’s life. She listened to the story of what is was like growing up as a demon hunter and then turning away from it all for a chance at a normal life. Only to have that normal life taken away by the same thing that destroyed it twenty years earlier.
Sam had had a hard and trying life and now he needed help to figure out what these abilities meant and how to control them. He wanted control over his powers before someone, or more likely, something took control for him. Willow was determined to do it.

“What do you want exchange?” Sam asked her as she began laying out different ideas on how best to approach his training.

“Exchange? Well…” she hesitated. Magic wasn’t about exchanges, was it? She should try to help a soul in need no matter what they had to offer in return. But that little part of her that always wanted more surfaced. “You-- You wouldn’t happen to know anything about auras would you? I mean,” she continued hastily, “I’ll still help you out no matter what, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to see my own.”

Sam looked up at her with a genuine smile. “Auras I can do. Dad had this Indian shaman friend that taught Dean and I when we were kids. Want me to show you now?”

“Really?!” Willow was practically bouncing with the excitement of finally overcoming a block in her abilities. “What do we need to do?”

“Just come stand in front of me and lower your protection shields so I can walk you through magically instead of explaining. It’s quicker that way.”

Willow walked up to Sam and lowered her shields at once, eager to learn this new trick at once. She shivered slightly as Sam leaned forward until she could feel his hot breath on the side of her neck.

“You’re not all-powerful like you want to believe Willow,” his smooth voice whispered in her ear. “If you were, you would have felt me inside him. You would have known. No, you aren’t all-powerful, but,” he reached up one hand to run it down her cheek as he wrapped the other around the back her head, “you are powerful enough!”

Before Willow had a chance to react, to ask who or what was inside his body, she felt his mouth descend upon her own. The forceful kiss and the strong hands running through her hair were the last things she felt before the darkness overtook her.

Meg looked down at Sam’s lifeless body with her newly stolen eyes and smiled as she ran her hands up and down the contours of Willow’s body. “This feels so much better. Thanks again for the lift Sammy boy, but I’m afraid your services are no longer required.”

She placed her hand over Sam’s chest and watched with a semi-reverence as she removed the remainders of Sam’s energy from his body. Once complete, she turned and looked out over the city of Cleveland and began drawing the energies of the Hellmouth to her.

As wave after wave of darkness crashed into her, her laughter increased. “This is fucking awesome!” she shouted at the world and the world wept in response.

At the Cleveland house, Dawn ran through the sudden darkness that engulfed them with a sword held at the ready. "What the hell is happening?!" she shouted to nobody in particular.

Upon seeing the crystalline monitoring device that Willow had concocted to keep tabs on the Hellmouth energies turning a deep black and tendrils quickly expanding from it, she turned to the closest person with an accusing look.

Andrew glanced back at her in equal shock, "Don't look at me like that. I'm not the one that touched it!"

Needless to say, they didn't have to argue about it for long.

Tags: .crossover, .fanfic, .genre: gen, character: meg (supernatural), character: sam winchester (supernatural), character: willow rosenberg (btvs), fandom: btvs/ats, fandom: supernatural

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