Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Haunted Radio

So I'm house sitting for my parents this weekend (dog and cat sitting actually) and I had a freaky moment with the radio the other night.

The house is an old farm house that's pushing 100 years out in the middle of nowhere (the closest village is a population of 250 people). While I grew up in the house, it still unnerves me to be in it alone, especially at night. I usually go to bed with a radio on and at least room light on if not more. Yes, I'm a chicken, but I do think there is a ghost of my great uncle upstairs, so I feel justified.

Anywho, I laid down last night and had the radio set to the country station I like that during the nighttime plays what they call the Outlaw Hours. In other words, they play the rowdy country songs they can't play during the day when kiddies might be listening.

I was just settling in and the DJ was talking when the radio suddenly went quiet, no static, no sound, just silence. We are having storms in the area, so at first I thought maybe it was storming across the river where the station is... a minute later, music starts up. *cue creepy music*

Some time back, jrabbit at TTH did a story that I beta read called Where Eagles Dared (see the link, click and read it) and he incorporated the song Hotel California into the story as the crossover with BtVS. I have this song and think of his fic whenever I hear it. That is what music started. Just the intro music is creepy given the situation. Then... then...

As that song ended, I thought, while interesting, it was just a coincidence that they played that on a Country station during the Outlaw Hours. Then, without a break the next song started up.

I was greeted with House of the Rising Sun. I came *this* close to jumping out of bed. Those who watched the Supernatural episode Roadkill will know why. So I sat like a chicken under the sheets being creeped out by the radio playing songs I have on my computer.

Luckily, once House of the Rising Sun ended, the DJ came on and then it all went back to normal... Still gives me the creeps though.

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