Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Surreal Moment... :-(

Granted, I have never been directly involved in any event like that of today... it seems I'm always affected in some way.

Listening to NBC news tonight, they start talking about past events. They go into a speil about Heath High School... right here in Paducah. A cousin of mine (granted I didn't really know her) was shot in the arm that day. My school (I was in high school at the time) was put on alert that day and we were watching the local news all day. Several had relatives there. Missy Jenkins, the girl who was paralyzed went to college where I did. I saw her on campus often and thought of that.

I was driving to Walmart after work and there's a car with Virginia plates and a V-Tech football sticker. Surreal...

Now they just said an RA was one shot in the dorm. I was an RA. I was a Security Guard. I worked for univeristy housing for 2 years. We had a suicide attempt one floor below mine my sophomore year. I didn't know about it for 2 days. Some guy tried to shoot and kill himself and ended up in a coma one floor below me and I didn't know... That's what I thought of as I listened to the reports of how word didn't get out to students.

Then, of course, it brings up the 9/11 feelings as I watched and waited to hear about my aunt who was working in the Pentagon that morning (still is). Gahhh...

Then the fear the night 2 days before college graduation when my friend J called me at 11pm to ask if I was watching the news. When I said no, she paused. Never a good thing. The news was talking about the tornado that had just ripped through my home town... a town that never gets mentioned because of the population count of 250. When I tried to call my parents, I got a busy signal. My parents were okay, but the father of a guy I went to school with was killed protecting his family from the falling house only a mile away. Many others lost everything. It was surreal seeing my home town on yahoo pictures. That just doesn't set right with a person...

When I was coming home from Europe in 2002, my flight left Zurich about 7-8 hours after two planes (one that had left Zurich) had a mid-air collesion (the one with the Russian kids on board). My mom was on the interstate to pick me up when they came on the news and said a passenger jet leaving Zurich, Switzerland had crashed... and that was it. Not something a mom needs to hear driving 65 mph down the interstate...

Okay... typing = me feeling better... My thoughts go out to all those affected...
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