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Gary Nichols Fangirl

Gary Nichols you ask? Who's that? Well, even though he is a billed country, he rocks.

My aunt called on Friday to see if I had heard about the benefit concert for the Dippin' Dots Foundation that was going to be held at the community college at my home town area. (think corn fields and villages with populations under 300 people)

The guy that started Dippin' Dots (Curt Jones) is from my home town and a family friend along with being ex-related through marriage. Needless to say, Dippin' Dots employs a good number of people from home (extreme Southern Illinois) even though they are based in Paducah, KY. I remember watching them make it at the family get togethers in the summer at the family lake before there was a name for it. Curt is also dabbling in many other things including sponsering up and coming artists out of Nashville. Enter Gary Nichols.

The concert was $10 and there were roughly 300 people there. Somehow, *whistles innocently*, myself and my sister and mom had front row center seats. Of course, I can't hear anymore cause the auditorium at the college wasn't made for a concert like that I think. But it was awesome. Great singer and fun.

Plus, to raise money, they had a 50/50 drawing (didn't win in that) and the civic group who is working to restore the old time town jail (one cell, brick building) raffled off an Indian blanket (didn't win that either). However, there were also door prizes. I did win a St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series Champions starter jacket. The jacket without the world series patch is $110. Still haven't found the world series version I got anywhere on the net. The irony in that prize... I'm a Cubs fan. The Cardinals and the Cubs are arch-rivals. Go figure. I'm half tempted to sell it on eBay, however, if my brother hears I got it and didn't give it to him (an avid Cardinal fan) for Christmas, I will never hear the end of it. I'm too nice to my family sometimes. ;-)

Gary Nichols did autographs and photos aftwards. I even got his pick and he somehow managed to squeeze his autograph on that. :-)

These are from my iTunes downloads:

This is one I took and switched to black and white...

This is me and him... (the red thing draped on my arm is the cardinals jacket...)


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