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A Bit 'O Fun

Here's a task for anyone brave *read foolish* enough to take it:


You have to look at the picture and find the 50 Dark Movies hidden within the painting...

If you feel like having a cheat sheet of all the movies used, click the cut.

1. eraserhead
2. wikerman
3. candyman
4. invisable man
5. clockwork orange
6. psyco
7. rosemarys baby
8. shining
9. dark water
10. lost boys
11. childs play
12. beetlejuice
13. creature from the black lagoon
14. leprechaun
15. saw
16. 12 monkeys
17. silence of the lambs
18. blade
19. 39 steps
20. grudge
21. halloween
22. texas chainsaw massacre
23. ring
24. omen
25. pirahna
26. scream
27. butterfly effect
28. alien
29. seven
30. nightmare on elm street
31. friday 13th
32. fly
33. war of the worlds
34. hills have eyes
35. village
36. pumpkin head
37. signs
38. jaws
39. birds
40. house of wax
41. howling
42. sixth sense
43. dead zone
44. pitch black
45. rear window
46. twin peaks
47. blue velvet
48. mummy
49. crow
50. children of the corn
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