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Okay, so this isn't a post on Jensen's ass, I mean crotch, no make that performance in A Few Good Men (tthjinni, spankerella, dharkapparition) and it wasn't even the best celebration I've been to, but I'm still gonna share pictures... Unfortunately, Erica "Lois Lane" Durance had to cancel because she was under doctor orders not to fly. :-(

2007 - 29th Annual Superman Celebration - Metropolis, IL

To start off with, here's a couple of pics of the Superman statue in Metroplis, IL that I took a few months back.

Next comes Helen "Supergirl" Slater from the 1980 Supergirl movie.

Then Jerry Marin who played one of the lollipop munchkins in the Wizard of Oz. He is connected to Superman by being a Mole Man in the 1950s Superman TV show special "Superman vs. the Mole Men". (Notice that his wife has a 'Munchkin Wife' hat on.)

Next up is Scott "Superman" Cranford. He is the official Superman of Metropolis and has been since around 2000 or so. He even got married during one of the celebrations a few years ago. They did one ceremony with him in the Superman suit in the park. (his poor wife)

Then is Noel "Lois Lane" Neil from the 1950s TV show. She's been coming for several years now and is kinda like the "First Lady" of Metropolis I think. She had a small part in the Superman Returns movie.

Lastly, I think this person was confused what it meant when the event was titled the Superman Celebration. I just know they had to be dying inside that thing.

2006 - 28th Annual Superman Celebration - Metropolis, IL

Michael Rosenbaum

Stephan Bender (from Superman Returns as young Clark Kent)

2005 - 27th Annual Superman Celebration - Metropolis, IL

John Schneider

In closing, I did fill out the survey. There was a spot that asked what celebrity you would like to see come to the celebration. I placed, in clear precise lettering, Jensen Ackles. Jason Teague would be more than welcome in my book. Then I could confirm those reports on his ass, I mean crotch, no make that performance. ;-)

I'm also going to check into getting involved possibly with the Metropolis chamber website. Sneak my foot in the back door so to speak.


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Jun. 10th, 2007 05:15 am (UTC)
Man...did everybody do something fun this weekend? Well...watch out! I'm going to do something fun one of these days. :)
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