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Repost: 5-Things Prompts

I decided to repost this 5-Things prompt list. I've linked to stories that others have written on the prompts so go check them out. If you write one based off of a prompt, let me know and I'll link it.

BtVS / Any Fandom
(*) Five times Giles cleaned his glasses.
(*) Five times Faith said, "I love you."
(*) Five places Xander marked off as 'never visit again'.
(*) Five slayers Xander tracked down post-Chosen.
(*) Four computers that Willow successfully hacked and one she got caught.
(*) The first five true friends Faith ever had.
(*) Five times a friend comforted Dawn.

BtVS / Smallville
(*) Four times Lex went to Sunnydale and one time he didn't.

BtVS / Highlander
(*) Five times Willow called Methos an old man.
(*) Four times Methos left Sunnydale and one time he stayed.

BtVS / SGA / SG1
(*) Five stargate missions that ended when Xander said, "I told you so."
(*) Four times Faith surprised John Sheppard and one time she didn't.
(*) Five languages Daniel couldn't translate, but Dawn could. Which leads to…
(*) Five languages Dawn couldn't translate, but Daniel could.
(*) Four times a scooby cause Daniel to curse in a dead/obscure language and one time Daniel returned the favor.

BtVS / AtS / Supernatural
(*) Five places that Dawn accidently ran into a Winchester.
(*) Five places Joyce slept with John Winchester.
(*) Five ways Faith shut up an angry Winchester.
(*) Five times Dawn met Sam at Stanford.
(*) Five times Connor almost killed Sam at Stanford.
(*) Five times Mary and Joyce had a cup of coffee together.

Jinni's AW – Verse - click for verse index
(*) Five times Ellen 'talked' with Alec.
(*) Five things Alec learned from John.
(*) Five things John learned about Dean by watching Alec.
(*) Five times Alec drove the Impala.
(*) Five times Alec got to pick the music.
(*) Four times Alec had to pretend to be Dean and one time Dean had to pretend to be Alec.

Supernatural / Smallville
(*) Five times Chloe met a Winchester.

Supernatural / SG1 / SGA
(*) Four times Dean got to use rock salt on a stargate trip and one time he couldn't.

Supernatural / Highlander
(*) Five times Methos met a Winchester.

Supernatural / Any Fandom or Pure
(*) Five times Dean had to clean tarter sauce off the Impala.
(*) Five times a non-Winchester drove the Impala.
(*) Five times Dean was told not to touch it.
(*) Five times Sam kissed a girl.
(*) Five ways Dean's first sexual experience could have went.
(*) Five job offers Sam received before episode one.
(*) Four times Dean took a legit job and got fired the next day and one time he quit.
(*) Five readings Missouri gave.
(*) Four ghosts the Winchesters helped move on and one they didn't.
(*) Four friends Sam had but lost and one friend he had and kept.
(*) Five times Dean tried to make a new friend.
(*) Five times Sam was set up on a blind date.
(*) Four times Sam walked in on Dean kissing a man and one time Dean walked in on Sam.

Any Fandom, Pure or Crossover
(*) Five friendships that ended with sex.
(*) Five friendships that started with sex.

SGA – Pure or Crossover
(*) Five times John wished Rodney wasn't his friend.
(*) Five reasons John Sheppard almost stayed on Earth.


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Jun. 27th, 2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
I honestly do have every intention of answering at least one of these 5-Things challenges / plot bunnies posted here...

More importantly though I think I need to finish your SG/Buffy fic-a-thon story - yeah I haven't forgotten, I swear, my SG muse just ran the hell away.

And I still need to finish the 5 Times for Joyce...

I am such a slack ass!
Jul. 11th, 2008 02:01 am (UTC)
Would you mind if I pinched one of these prompts or combined two together (I will give you credit, of course). I have to write a mini!Jack fic for someone's b'day and I'm really having trouble with inspiration. :D
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