Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

My Trip to the Hospital...

So, it appears I may have issues with Allegra-D. I feel like I've been running a marthon for a day and a half. My pulse has been steady over 100 since last night.

At work today I finally felt too bad and walked across the parking lot to the walk-in clinic I go to. An EKG later, they told me to pack myself off to the ER. On the plus side, since it was heart related there was no sitting in the ER waiting room. I was laid on a bed 15 minutes after I got there. Gotta find the silver lining somehow.

So they stuck me, drew blood, hooked me up to this and that and then I waited ever so patiently for all the lab results to come back. Several hours later...

All my results came back in the clear which is why they are leaning toward the medicine reaction. But they still want me to set up to wear a 24-hour heart monitor dealie to see if there is anything to see and get some kind of heart picture thingy done... woo and hoo...

To top it off, I now have my roomie's cold.

Grr... Arrgh...

PS: Gotta love that new DVR I have. *hugs DVR*
Tags: life: sick

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