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TTH Crossing Over Awards - Results Announced!

The Crossing Over Awards was created to recognise the best BtVS and AtS crossover fan fiction available on the Internet, and, if it's the best crossover fan fiction, then, by definition, it must be posted on the best crossover fan fiction site, and the members of said site must make up the most qualified judging panel. Therefore, the nominations and voting for the awards are limited to Twisting the Hellmouth members, with some additional awards made by the site moderators. In the 2007 awards, 1255 members cast a total of 27331 votes.

2007 Awards

You can see the results from the 2007 awards on the Winners page. Special congratulations to the winner of our Best Crossover Award, "Return to Normal" by Jakl, and the runners up, "Going home through a Starry Mirror" by theICEBear and "The Key To Marauding" by Anoron. The award for Best Crossover Author goes to Sevangel.

Congratulations to all our winners - we hereby declare January to be an official month of gloating at the losers deserving runners up. If you want to gloat humbly accept your award, head on over to the I would like to thank... forum. However, please note anyone who bursts into tears mid-speech will find themselves being handed a mop and bucket and asked to clean the floor.

I didn't win anything, but I didn't need to because I was blown away by the number of votes some of my fics received. I was also blown away by the overall number of votes we had this year. The COA rocks!

*ah hem* Anyway, I would like to thank all the TTH members who participated (nominators, voters, writers, etc.) and also a special thanks to those who did vote for something of mine. :-)

And a very special thanks to jrabbit who makes the whole award process a synch compared to what it could be (and was last year). Jrabbit rocks and that's why he received a secret award...

Well, that's enough from me, so go check out the winners!!
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