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Fic: Intruder Alert (NCIS; BtVS)

Title: Intruder Alert
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Warnings: Pre-Slash
Disclaimer: I'm not Whedon or Bellesario, so I don't claim to own them.
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; NCIS
Timeline: Post-Chosen for BtVS; Post-Black Water for NCIS
Word Count: 1000
Written For: slash_me_twice; Prompt #61 - Normal; Prompt Table Here
Written For: crossovers100; Prompt #35 - Sixth Sense; Prompt Table Here
Beta Reader: azraelz_angel (many thanks!!)

Crossposted: spn_btvs_ncis; ncis_slash; ncisfanfic; slash_me_twice; crossovers100; i_need_a_parrot; xander_slash; picfor1000

Series: The Navy Watcher Series

Summary: Just a normal day -er- night in the life of Tony and Xander.

Note: This was written for the picture based prompt I received at picfor1000 and the response had to be exactly 1000 words... Also, this is dedicated to everyone who voted for Taste the Rainbow at the COA even if it didn't win.

“Why can’t either of us have a normal nine to five job?” Xander asked tiredly as he flopped down onto the couch.

“We’d probably die from boredom if we did. And didn’t I tell you not to get your demon gunk on the couch?” Tony said as he tossed a beer in Xander’s direction. “I don’t want to pay Alice any extra to not ask what the stain on the couch is again.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you whine too much?” Xander asked as he pulled his filthy shirt off over his head and launched it in the direction of the washer.

“Kate does all the time. Still doesn’t stop me,” Tony answered. “So, it’s two in the morning and you stopped a demon from killing some kids and I helped solve a cold case and learned what I’m missing out on by not working nine to five as some executive for my father’s company. What should we do now?”

Xander snorted as he sipped his beer. “How about going to sleep and not waking up for a couple of months?”

“Gibbs would drag us both out of bed and do something that he picked up in the marines. Pain and humiliation would most likely follow.”

“So, sleeping is out of the question and I don’t read, so what’s that leave?”

“I would say cards, but poker’s no fun with just two. That is, unless it’s strip poker and you have the right partner, but I’m not saying I want you to be that partner,” Tony finished up hastily as he shifted in his seat.

“Right on the right partner, but the right partner is not me,” Xander tossed in just as hastily before finishing his beer in a quick gulp.

“Movie,” Tony said after a moment of silence. “Movies are good.”

“Yeah, can’t go wrong with movies. Well, you could, but we won’t,” Xander said. “We can’t go wrong, right?”

“How about The Sixth Sense? 1999. Directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, before it all went downhill for him after Steven Spielberg’s AI.”

“Just imagine what you could remember if you didn’t have all that in your head,” Xander said as he walked into the kitchen to get more drinks to accompany the movie Tony was setting up. “Hey, you want some popcorn?”

“Sounds good.”

Several minutes later, both men were seated comfortably on opposite ends of the couch with a bowl of popcorn between them as they watched the opening for The Sixth Sense. And fifteen minutes after that both had fallen asleep, oblivious to the television that continued to play. And it was an hour later that both bolted awake at the sound of a female voice.

“What I wouldn’t give for a camera right now. You two look so cute when you cuddle.”

Xander blinked his eye a few times before it focused on the person standing in front of them. Then he took in his position on the couch where he was still tangled with both Tony and the bowl of cold popcorn. Tony realized their position at the same time and both of them tried to separate quickly. In their haste, the popcorn bowl was turned over sending pieces flying between the cushions and onto the floor.

Xander managed to right himself and send a convincing glare at the person who was doubled over with laughter. “Not funny Dawn,” he said in a growl. “And what the hell are you doing here and better yet, how did you get into a locked apartment?”

Tony ran his hand through his hair a few times before running it down his face. “For the record I would like to know that too. It’s not good to break into a federal agent’s residence.”

“Faith taught me,” Dawn said as her laughing died down. “And I guess you are the Tony we’ve been hearing so much about. Gotta say you look much better than Xander described.”

“You told them I was ugly?” Tony asked Xander just as Xander asked Dawn, “When did Faith teach you lock picking?”

They both stopped talking and turned to each other. “I didn’t tell them you were ugly,” Xander explained as Tony said, “Isn’t Faith the one who popped your cherry?”

“You two are too cute,” Dawn said with mirth.

“We are not!” both shouted at the same time. Then they added, “Stop that!”

Finally they both gave up and sat back down on the couch. “Why are you here Dawn?” Xander asked in a defeated tone.

“Don’t you remember the last meeting? I’m staying with you in DC for a few months to do some government networking for the Council. You can’t tell me you forgot.”

Tony looked between his roommate and the young intruder. “You’re staying with Xander for a few months? As in here, in my apartment?”

“Well yeah,” Dawn said in exasperation. “This is where Xander lives, so this where I will be staying.”

“You knew about this?” Tony asked as he turned on Xander. “Didn’t you think I would need to know that we were getting a houseguest? Guess I need to add that to the apartment rules; notify Tony of any long term visitors.”

“I don’t remember, honest,” Xander said, making the scout symbol with his hands. “It can’t be that bad can it?” Xander directed his question toward Tony, but gave Dawn a serious look.

“Oh come on guys,” Dawn said as she sat between the two men. “It’ll be a blast and you won’t even know I’m here.”

Tony winced at the sound of popcorn crunching into the couch cushion. “I’m doomed, aren’t I?”

“You won’t regret it,” Dawn said enthusiastically. “And Xander, have you been working out? Cause shirtless is a nice look for you, especially after cuddling with your boytoy.”

Tony just groaned and buried his head in his hands. “Can I just go back to work now? Even Gibbs is better than this.”
Tags: .crossover, .fanfic, .genre: pre-slash, challenge: picfor1000, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: dawn summers (btvs), character: xander harris (btvs), collection: crossovers100, collection: slashmetwice, collection: the navy watcher, fandom: btvs/ats, fandom: ncis

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