Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

TV Update: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Yes satyrnfive, I watched. Though I almost forgot about it being on until I saw the little red DVR light at 7:02pm and sat there thinking to myself, "What do I have set to record on a Sunday night?" Then I Gibbs-smacked myself and went, "That Terminator show!!"

The show has a very promising start. I don't think it will jive well with my pending Guided Lineage (BtVS Crossover) Verse I have yet to write, but that's okay.

I was iffy at first of the idea of her being with someone, but it works out in my mind now. And it stinks that they had to leave just as they were getting settled with him.

Love that she was using the last name Reese. :-)

John Reese. Like the ring of that. And I think the Heroes Claire!Friend makes a great John. He has the right look for the part. Along with River as a Terminator. Though I wonder what kind of Terminator she really is. Perhaps she was built by the resistance. Who knows...

I'm not sure about this jumping to 2007 from 1999, but we'll see how it goes. Not even in the new time line for one minute and they already of a record of them being there. Darn cell phones with cameras and the internet with video posting capabilities.

The Terminator timeline was already screwy from the 1st thru 3rd movies, so I guess this can't make things worse. When I get around to writing my fic, I'll keep with the timeline I wrote out, but who knows, maybe I can incorporate some of this into it. We'll see.

Okay, that's all for now. Except I just realized I need an icon for terminator now... hmmm...
Tags: fandom: terminator

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