Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

SCC: Thoughts and Icons

So I watched part two of the Sarah Connor Chronicles tonight. And...

I'm glad that they held off showing this until now. Because with the writer strike this gives me something to watch. (only one more ep of NCIS tomorrow night... *pouts*)

I'm a little more at ease with the whole time travel bit after watching the second part. Glad that they did put the bit about Sarah getting and dying from cancer in there as that's what happened according to the 3rd movie.

Summer's character of Cameron is off to interesting start. I keep seeing River while watching it, but... oh well. River would have made a great terminator.

Really liked the barcode part, because I forgot all about that and I know I want to include that in part of my crossover fic when I write it.

Guess now I just have to wait and see if it keeps up the momentum and that Fox doesn't kill it like it does every other show I end up liking *cough*TruCalling*cough*.

EDIT: And I left the big part off. I screamed "CROSSOVER!" when John was saying that his fake identity said he was from Lawrence, Kansas... Why that's right up the ally of those Winchester boys... ;-)

And here's two John icons...

Tags: .icons, character: john connor (terminator), fandom: terminator

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