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Fic: Flying Alone (NCIS; Supernatural)

Title: Flying Alone
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Fandoms: NCIS; Supernatural
Disclaimer: I'm not Kripke, the CW, Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Timeline: Pre-Series for Both
Challenge: spn_twisted; 1:2 Public Transportation
Word Count: 1,668

Crossposted: ncis_haven; ncisfanfic; tonydinozzo; sn_crossovers; spn_twisted

Summary: Tony was finally on his own and he found himself sitting next to two young boys in the same boat.

Tony stashed his carryon bag in the overhead compartment and slumped into the isle seat with a sigh. He told himself that he should be happy that he was finally leaving home, finally getting away from his father. But he wasn’t happy. His mind kept replaying the last moment he stood toe to toe with his father as the older man told him he was a worthless piece of shit and that he would end up in the gutter if he took the sports scholarship to Ohio State. If he couldn’t prove he could make it on his own, then his father’s words would come true and that scared him shitless.

He only had the carryon bag and what items he could fit into two suitcases. He didn’t hold out hope that Janice, the current housekeeper, would be able to keep the things he left behind safe. If he couldn’t make it at college, he would have nothing to fall back on, just a bag of clothes and a few pictures, and none of that could keep him fed.

He sighed again as the plane started filling up around him. He had used most of his money received from distant relatives for graduation to purchase the ticket to Ohio and he was thankful he did. He couldn’t imagine spending a day or more moving from one cramped bus to another to get from the east coast to Ohio. At least he could arrive at college with a little style in tact.

He was pulled from his inner musings when he felt a tap against his shoulder. Looking up, he caught the eye of a lovely flight attendant and smiled. He knew he hadn’t lost his touch honed from several years of sneaking into college parties with his buddies when she smiled back.

“Excuse me sir,” she said gracefully. “Could you let these boys past to their seats?

Tony looked around her and saw two boys standing close to each other. He pegged the older one to be around nine or ten while the younger one looked closer to five or six. He tried not to let a groan escape his lips when he realized he was going to spend the flight with two kids stuck next to him. Kids never liked him, and he didn’t like them.

“Sure,” he said shortly as he stood up to let them pass by.

“You take the window seat Sammy,” the older one ordered as he threw a distrusting look at Tony as he walked by.

“Now boys,” the flight attendant, Sarah, Tony noted her nametag, started to say only to be cut off by the older boy.

“We know, we know… Buzz you if we need anything and if we’re good, you’ll take up to see the cockpit. We can pass on that.” Tony couldn’t help but smile just a little bit at how the boy handled being treated like a kid.

“Well, okay. I guess just buzz me if you need anything and behave,” she said quickly as she walked away.

The two boys sat in silence and Tony could only hope they stayed that way for the rest of the flight. But all too soon, before the plane even got off the ground, the younger was whining.

“Why couldn’t we stay with dad, Dean?”

“Just cause, Sammy,” Dean answered shortly.

“But where are we going?”

Tony crossed his arms across his chest and sighed. This had the makings of a long flight.

“I already told you, Pastor Jim’s. Remember him?”

“Yeah,” Sammy said in a small voice. “He lives in a church.”

“He doesn’t live in the church, just next to it.”

“But why did dad say it would be safer there than with him?”

Tony’s ears perked up at that question. Why would these kids be sent to stay with a preacher instead of their own father?

Dean cast a nervous look at him before turning his attention back to his brother. “Just cause, Sammy. Now shut your trap.”

Sammy’s face took on what had to be a normal pout for him, as it looked too rehearsed to Tony’s eyes. Tony knew all too well what kind of acting skills a kid could gain when facing off against family members.

“When we gonna get there?” was asked a few minutes later and Tony flopped his head back against his seat.

Things settled down after that until thirty minutes into the flight, the seatbelt light was flipped to the on position and the flight attendants were hurrying down the isles. Then the pilot’s voice came over the speaker, “I’m sorry folks, but we are about to fly into some rough weather. There will be some turbulence, so please secure all of your loose items and keep your seatbelts fastened.”

Tony unconsciously tightened his belt and glanced over to see Dean doing the same for his younger brother. Just then, all hell broke loose.

Tony saw a bright flash engulf the plane through every window that had the screen up. Then his stomach felt as if it had done a black flip with nothing to land on. Around him he heard startled cries from the other passengers and one lady actually screamed.

He took a quick glance at the two boys next to him, suddenly feeling the need to protect them, even though there wasn’t a damn thing he could do. Sammy was holding on to his brother’s hand in a death grip while Dean had a panicked look on his face.

Feeling the need to comfort them both, he reached an unsteady hand up to Dean’s shoulder and said, “We’ll be okay. These kind of things happen every day.”

Dean snapped his eyes onto Tony’s face and the look almost made Tony want to get away from the boy. A cold yet trembling voice said, “Get your hand off of me. I’m not some baby that needs protecting.”

“Didn’t say you were,” Tony said as he removed his hand. Just then the plane dropped again and Dean’s free hand grabbed firmly on to the sleeve of his shirt.

Tony didn’t say a thing and kept his eyes forward, but allow the kid to use his only remaining Gucci shirt to be crumpled in the kid’s fist.

“Dean,” Tony turned and saw the younger boy trying to talk to his brother. “Dean,” came the little voice again and Tony risked glancing at the unresponsive boy.

What he saw almost frightened him. The kid’s face was sheet white and his mouth was drawn into a tight, thin line. Both of his hands were still gripped into the same places, but other than the shallow breathing, it was like the kid’s mind had taken a hike.

“This is not good,” Tony mumbled to himself. “Hey kid,” he said a little louder as he brought his free hand up to tap on his shoulder. He didn’t received a response, so he shook a little harder and said, “Dean, come on kid, talk to me.”

Tony looked back over at Sammy’s panic-stricken face and noticed tears starting to fall. “Hey kid, Sammy,” he took a deep breath. “It’ll be okay. Your brother’s just scared at the moment.”

“Don’t call me Sammy, I’m Sam. And Dean never gets scared. Not even when the bad things are around,” Sammy said with a determined voice.

Part of Tony wanted to get Sammy, no Sam, to elaborate on what the bad things were, but it wasn’t the time or place for that. “Everyone is scared of something, Sam,” he said in the most soothing tone he could muster.

“What are you scared of?” Sammy asked with a sniff as he wiped his free arm across his nose.

Tony looked back at Dean and noticed the kid was blinking his eyes. Taking that as a good sign, he turned back to Sammy to keep him distracted.

“I’m scared of vampires,” he said with a small smile as he thought of that damn canopy bed his mom had him sleep in.

“Vampires don’t exist,” Sam said with a voice of authority. “My dad said so.”

“But I’m still scared of them,” Tony answered back. “Is there something that scares you?”

“There was a thing in my closet once,” Sam said thoughtfully. “But dad gave me a .45 to take care of it.”

Tony started at that. What kind of parent gave a five-year-old a gun to take care of the ‘thing’ in his closet?

Before Tony could press for more details, Dean spoke up. “What happened?”

Tony took in the color that was slowly returning to the boys face and breathed a sigh of relief. “You kinda disappeared on us. You doing okay?”

Dean turned distrustful eyes on him again and quickly released his shirt. “I’m fine. I just want off this damn plane.”

“You and me both, kid,” Tony said lightly.

Then Sam turned to his brother with an excited smile. “He said he was scared of vampires! I thought dad said they didn’t exist.”

“Shut up, Sammy,” Dean said and Sam obeyed for the rest of their flight.

Several hours later, Tony found himself tracking the progress the two boys made through the airport. He wasn’t sure why he felt the need to, but he wanted to make sure they were in safe hands. Near the baggage claim he saw an older man greet the boys. Then to make things even stranger, Dean handed the older man a flask from his carryon bag and the older man took a drink from it. After that, Dean let the man pick Sam up into a hug as they grabbed one bag and headed for the exit.

Feeling utterly confused, Tony picked up his own bags and trailed behind them. If that flight was any indication what his future would be like at Ohio State, Tony was almost hesitant to leave the airport. But he wanted to prove to his father and himself that he could make it on his own.
Tags: .crossover, .fanfic, .genre: gen, challenge: spntwisted, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: dean winchester (supernatural, character: sam winchester (supernatural), fandom: ncis, fandom: supernatural

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