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Kayla Shay

Fic: Nosferatu (NCIS; Supernatural)

Title: Nosferatu
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Fandoms: NCIS; Supernatural
Disclaimer: I'm not Kripke, the CW, Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Timeline: Current Timelines
Challenge: spn_twisted; 1:2 Public Transportation
Word Count: 2,358

Crossposted: ncis_haven; ncisfanfic; tonydinozzo; sn_crossovers; spn_twisted

Summary: Since he was a child, Tony had nightmares about vampires, but what happens when his nightmares become reality? Companion piece to Flying Alone.
The team was hard at work on the scene that was located near the capitol building. There was a dead marine, but that was about all they could ascertain. The body, according to Ducky, appeared to be drained of blood. The only wound appeared to be the torn flesh on the neck of the victim, right next to the jugular.

Tony winced as he snapped pictures of the victim and the surrounding area. Abby was going to have a field day with this case, but for him, it was just raising the hairs on the back of his neck. He absentmindedly rubbed a hand over his throat as he looked down at the victim.

“Is something wrong, Tony?” Ziva asked innocently, startling him. “You are not scared of a vampire bite are you?”

“You saying that vampires really exist, Officer David?” Tony asked quickly. “I didn’t take you for the superstitious type. Or maybe you just want Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise to pay you a visit.”

“I’ll serve you both on a silver platter to one if you don’t finish processing the scene,” Gibbs barked as the usual tap landed on the back of Tony’s head.

“Shutting up, Boss,” Tony said, even though he couldn’t shake the strange feeling he had about the case.

Two days later, they were no farther with solving the case. Gibbs had finally released them to go home even though Tony suspected it was only because the older man was tired of Abby’s vampire speeches. Truth be told, he was tired of it too.

From the time his mother started decorating his room with the four-poster canopy bed and the candelabras scattered around, Tony had had vivid nightmares of a vampire biting his neck and sucking him dry. He recalled waking his nanny on several occasions with a scream that would erupt near the end of the dream. Over the years, he thought he had grown out of the irrational fear, but now it was back full force. His mind also had the source material of the dead marine to fill in new and gruesome images of what could happen if a vampire were to get him.

“Damn it, DiNozzo,” he muttered to himself as he waited for a cab at the gate. “Vampires are not real. Just take the cab, get a drink or two at the bar and go home.”

Following up on his resolve, he headed to one of his favorite bars and promptly drank a beer. Mike, the retired cop who ran the place, gave him a long look before pouring him another glass.

“Rough case?” he asked casually.

“Just a strange one Mike,” he said calmly. “And it’s probably gonna go cold to boot.”

“Bet that boss of yours won’t be happy about that,” Mike said with a grin.

Tony chuckled as he reached up to rub at the back of his head. “If you see me in here next time with a neck brace on, you’ll know why.”

Tony finished his second and felt more at ease then he had since they had arrived on the scene. Thanking Mike for the drinks, he headed outside to wait on a cab to take him home. Pulling his jacket a little closer in the frigid air he began to think it was time to consider getting a new car to replace the Mustang because he really relying on public transportation or Gibbs to get him to and from places.

It was then that he heard a scream from the alley. Acting on instinct, he pulled his gun and cautiously made he way to the darkened entrance. He saw a slip of a blonde wrapped roughly in the arms of a larger man. He had her neck twisted to the side and his mouth was suckling at the exposed skin.

“NCIS, let the girl go,” he said with more calm than he felt. It would be so easy for the man to snap her neck and that was the last thing Tony wanted on his conscious.

The man raised his head to look at Tony and what he saw was something out of his nightmares. Instead of normal teeth, the man’s mouth was filled with rows of jagged, razor-sharp fangs. The eyes that were staring at him were glowing with a dark fire that almost mesmerized Tony.

Before he could blink, the girl was tossed aside and the man, or whatever, he was had a hold of Tony in a vice-like grip.

“I let her go,” the oily voice whispered into Tony’s ear.

Tony tried to pull away as a tongue trailed up his throat to his ear. Then he cried out as the sharp teeth bit down on the lobe of his ear.

“You taste good, boy,” the voice said again. “Might play with you for awhile. Maybe even see if you’ve got what it takes.”

“I’ll never join you!” Tony said vehemently before he winced at how lame that movie line sounded in such a surreal moment. He felt tremors start to wrack his body as the mouth made its way to his neck. Tony could only hope that it was over quickly and that Gibbs would find the bastard and stake him to the boat.

Just as the sharp points broke the skin on his neck, he felt his body falling to the ground. He landed harshly on his side and instinctively started to roll away from his captor when the hands around him disappeared.

He was slightly dazed and didn’t see what had happened to free him from the thing that had a hold of him, but when hands started to come down by him, he fought back. Then he heard a voice different from the thing and part of him started to calm.

“Hey man, just trying to help. The other guy is gone. Let me help you help.”

Tony stopped struggling and looked up to see a tall kid with shaggy hair who was probably in his early twenties. The kid’s eyes looked normal and the teeth were normal human teeth. He let himself be pulled up to unsteady feet as he scanned the alley. The girl still lay slumped against wall, but he didn’t see any sign of the monster that had held him. Then he reached his hand up to his neck and pulled it back to see his own blood.

He swayed slightly as he looked back up at the guy who had evidently saved him. With an unsure voice, he asked, “Was that-- was that really a vampire?”

The kid looked at him with sympathy before nodding in the affirmative. Just then another man came around the corner and Tony tensed in preparation for a fight he wasn’t sure he could handle. But it was unwarranted when the guy holding his shoulder greeted the new comer.

“Did you catch him Dean?”

“Nah, he slipped away. We’ll have to find his nest now that he knows we’re on to his pattern. He okay?”

Tony nodded his head but regretted when a wave of nausea hit him.

“Probably just need to get him out of here. The girl alive?”

“Didn’t make it Sam. Damn!” Dean’s voice echoed in the small alley. “Look, I’ll take care of her and you get him somewhere. Whose gun is this, Sam?”

Tony had been listening to the byplay and decided he could finally speak up. “That’s mine. I’m a federal agent. NCIS, Naval Cri-“

“Criminal Investigative Service,” Dean finished for him as he handed the gun over to him. “You working on the case for that dead marine?”

“Yeah,” Tony said quietly. “Was that the guy-- thing that killed our marine?”

“Probably,” Sam said. “We think he’s alone, but we’re not sure. This is the closest we’ve gotten to him.”

“Trust me,” Tony said as he held his hand back up to his neck. “You don’t want to get any closer.”

“Look,” Sam said as his eyes flicked to the alley entrance. “We need to get out of here and you need to get cleaned up. You probably shouldn’t go home alone right now.”

“Yeah,” Tony said absently as his head started spinning a bit. “Just get me back to my apartment and I’ll be fine,” he slurred out.

He vaguely felt fingers fishing for his wallet and didn’t really register much until he was sitting on the vinyl seat of the cab and heard Sam telling the driver that he had a bit too much to drink.

Tony snorted at that as he spoke up, “I’ll have you know I was the beer bong champion at spring break every year.”

“Sure you were,” Sam said with a hint of laughter.

It was hours later before Tony started to feel normal again. With Sam’s help, the wounds on his neck and ear had been clean and bandaged. Tony was mildly surprised by the kid’s skill, but when he thought about the fact that the kid had been out hunting a vampire it made weird sense.

For his part, Sam had been staring at the injured agent trying to piece together a puzzle. It wasn’t until Tony started asking about vampires that the memory finally came to him.

"Did tonight reinforce your fear of vampires? Or had you gotten over that?" Sam asked.

"What? How'd you know that?" Tony asked as he sat back and focused on Sam's face.

"Somebody once told me that everyone is scared of something," Sam said quietly.

Tony scrunched his face in concentration before a memory from that flight to Ohio sprung to the surface. "Sammy?" he questioned. Then his mind started piecing together events from earlier in the night and what he heard and saw between Sam and his older brother.

“And that was your older brother Dean. He fears flying,” Tony said as his mind made the connection. Then he recalled everything he heard between the younger versions of the boys that had saved him in the alley and things started to make an eerie sense.

"The thing in your closet... It was like what attacked me tonight? That's why your dad gave you a .45."

Sam gave a small laugh, “It wasn’t a vampire, but same principle.”

Then Tony narrowed his eyes. “Though you said vampires didn’t exist. That your dad told you they didn’t.”

“Yeah, well, Dad was wrong about that one it turns out.”

“Evidently,” Tony said rubbing at the gauze around his neck. “How am I gonna explain this to the Boss?”

“Lie?” Sam supplied. “Usually works for us.”

“Leroy Jethro Gibbs can smell a lie a mile away. Especially from me,” he added.

“Jethro Gibbs? Former marine?” Sam’s voice questioned sharply. “You know him?”

“Yeah,” Tony said slowly. “He’s my boss at NCIS. Do you know him?”

“Um, not really, but Dad had his name on a list of people we could contact if we ever needed help. Think Dad knew him through the marines.”

Tony gave a short laugh. “Sounds like Gibbs. Wait,” Tony started to frown. “Does that mean that he knows about this supernatural stuff?”

“It’s possible. Dad didn’t elaborate much and some of the names on the list don’t know the whole truth, just enough that they’ll help us.”

“So help me…” Tony’s voice trailed off as he walked around the apartment tossing his jacket and shoes on. “Get your brother to pick us up because I need to go have a talk with my boss. If he knows about all of this crap then he going to regret making me bust my ass off for the last two days when he knew we wouldn’t find the killer.”

Sam just nodded as he called Dean to tell him where to pick them up.

Thirty minutes later, Sam and Dean trailed behind Tony as he walked right through the unlocked door and turned the corner to a basement door. Down the stairs, they were greeted with the site of an older man in sweats working on a wooden frame of a boat.

“What the hell happened to you, DiNozzo?” Gibbs’ gruff voice barked out as he took note of the bandages on his lead agent’s neck. Then his eyes flicked over the two younger men that were following down the stairs.

“Got attacked by a vampire. You wouldn’t happen to know a thing or two about them would you, Boss?”

Within moments, Gibbs was at Tony’s side checking the bandages. Then he looked into Tony’s eyes as he released the breath he had been holding.

“You okay Tony?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, other than my nightmare coming true with full surround sound and Technicolor. Thanks to them anyway,” he said he shrugged his shoulder toward the other men that had kept quiet.

“Who are you?” Gibbs asked as he measured them up.

“Dean Winchester and my brother Sam,” Dean said, almost snapping out a sir at the end. “Our dad was John Win-“

“John Winchester,” Gibbs finished for him. “What do you mean was?”

Both men’s eyes closed down for a moment before Sam spoke up. “Dad died just over a year ago.”

“Damn,” Gibbs said quietly. “Did he ever get the bastard that killed your mom?”

Tony looked sharply at Gibbs, but kept quiet.

“I got him,” Dean said with conviction.

“Good,” Gibbs said as he moved to grab some dusty cups and a bottle of Jack from the shelf. “You’re here tracking the thing that killed our marine?”

“Yeah,” Sam said as all four moved to sit on the floor or steps around the basement. “Tonight was the closest we got to it.”

“Did you know it was a vampire, Boss?” Tony asked as he brought the much-needed drink to his mouth.

“Figured it wasn’t natural, but didn’t know it was a vampire until you told me.” Turning to Dean and Sam, Gibbs had an almost feral grin on his face. “You boys need some help?”

Dean and Sam cast each other questioning looks before coming to an agreement. “If you’re up to it,” Dean said for both of them.

“Count me in, too,” Tony said quietly. “Just don’t call me Buffy.”
Tags: .crossover, .fanfic, .genre: gen, challenge: spntwisted, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: dean winchester (supernatural, character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), character: sam winchester (supernatural), fandom: ncis, fandom: supernatural

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