Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Five Reasons Why I Hate Comcast...

(1) Service sucks. I make a call that something is not working, it's the same something that has been going in and out for over two years. I tell them that it's not in the apartment, it's not the wires leading into the apartment, it's not even the wires that swing from the pole to the building. It's the damn wires on the pole away from our apartment at the end of the parking lot. I know. The last line guy that was working on it did 'something' to that pole and I had a perfect cable picture and working internet. But no, they have to send a guy to waste his time to check the apartment and then he has to call a guy to check the first pole, and then they have to call the line guy who goes tinkering from pole to pole. And I have to be here which I can't during the week because I have to work to pay the big bill they send me.

(2) Service sucks. It bares repeating.

(3) The line guys (the ultimate guy who has to fix the problem) doesn't check with the person who made the complaint to see if it is fixed. Only the guys who come in the apartment can check it appears but they are long gone by the time the line guy starts working...

(4) I can't call the local office. I have to go through the 1-800 bullshit of menus and then get some customer service rep who probably isn't even in this country. I did make indirect contact with the local dispatch through the 2nd operator I got transferred to after repeated tellings of what the problem is.

(5) They have a monopoly. Apartments won't allow dishes, so if I want tv (antenna doesn't work all that well) I HAVE to have Comcast. I've got no choice. None. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. It's Comcast or antenna with 4-5 stations.

All that said... My internet is staying on in sporadic intervals and some sites won't even load. Grrr! Argh! And guess what, it went out while I was typing this, so I have to wait for the next interval of service to click the post button... *sigh*
Tags: life: comcast, life: rant

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