Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Fic: Annoyance (NCIS)

Title: Annoyance
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Challenge: NFA Skills Challenge #7 - Emotions

Spoilers: 05x07 Requiem

Crossposted: ncisfanfic; ncis_haven; tonydinozzo

Summary: Annoyance: (1) the feeling or state of being annoyed; irritation; (2) a thing that annoys someone; a nuisance

It started the day I met him. He walked on to my crime scene as if he owned it and expected me to roll over and let him have everything right down to the dog crap on the ground next to the body. Annoyed is probably too kind of a way to describe how I felt towards him, but it summed it up pretty nicely.

From that moment on, it only got worse. I managed to work the case alongside him, but it was at the risk of my own career. Granted, I wasn’t planning to be in Baltimore much longer, but I wanted to leave on my own terms, not his.

The moment I found the connective tissue to solve the case, I learned he had beat me to it by all of five minutes. I’m not one to get upset over who catches the criminal normally, but he had to do it with that all-knowing smirk on his face as he led the guy to interrogation. The ease with which he pumped the information from the perp just added to my annoyance.

But then I was interrupted from watching the finale when my chief stepped in and told me to pack my bags since I disobeyed the chain of command to work with the man who had annoyed so much. After a few choice words I was then free to say, I stormed off to my desk to find a box conveniently waiting for me. As I slung items like my Mighty Mouse stapler and American Pie coffee mug into the box, I thought of the ways I could kill a certain NCIS Special Agent for speeding up my departure.

Then he had the gall to walk up to me and ask what the hell I was doing with a box. At that point I lost it. My annoyance with the whole fucking situation had hit a critical level and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“If you must know Special Agent Gibbs,” I all but spat at him, “Because of you and your ‘unconventional methods’, I am being kicked out the door. So, if you don’t mind, let me get out of here so I can start my job hunt.”

I picked up the box and began to walk away without sparing him a second glance. That’s when he slapped the back of my head for the first time. The force of it caused me to stumble forward and almost drop the box of my few possessions that traveled from city to city with me.

I dropped the box to the floor and whirled around to face him as I brought a hand up to rub at the back of my head. If he wanted to push my annoyance well past my limits he was succeeding with flying colors.

“What the hell was that for?” I snapped at him.

He just smirked as usual and answered, “A wake up call, DiNozzo. Be at NCIS headquarters at 0800 on Monday morning.”

With that, he turned around and left me standing there. It annoyed me even more that I couldn’t think of anything to say back to him. If I wasn’t mistaken, the bastard had just offered me a job.

I took a chance and showed up like he had instructed and, before I knew it, I had a federal badge and paycheck and was working with the bastard himself to solve Navy and Marine cases. Just because he got me a job, didn’t mean he stopped annoying me. Every day, he found some new way to bug the hell out of me, including more head slaps that became a staple of our working relationship.

But several years down the road, I found out what annoyed me the most about Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He made me care for him and I didn’t even realize it was happening. The day I hauled his lifeless body out of that water and looked down at his unmoving chest, I wanted him alive so I could kill him. The bastard had gotten under my defenses and that annoyed me more than any head slap ever could.
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: gen, .genre: pre-slash, .noncrossover, challenge: nfa, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), fandom: ncis

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