Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Fic: Like a Piercing (NCIS) (M/M/F Threesome)

Title: Like a Piercing
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Setting: 01x02 Hung Out to Dry and Pre-NCIS
Warnings: Contains M/M/F Threesome and Sex
Word Count: approx 3,600
Beta: azraelz_angel Many Thanks!!!!

Crossposted: ncis_nostalgia; gibbs_dinozzo; ncis_slash; ncisfanfic; gibbs_abby_tony; tonydinozzo

Written For: ncis_nostalgia's To Bleed Willing fic-a-thon, for taylorgibbs

Summary: She didn't like him, but that was before Gibbs stepped in and straightened them both out.

Characters or pairings you want: Either Tony/Gibbs, Tony/Abby, or Abby/Gibbs (Gibbs/Abby/Tony added to list)
A brief prompt OR three things you want: Mention of tattoos. Beginning of relationship/stated attraction.
Two things you don't want: major character death
Maximum rating you'd prefer: Anything goes! The hotter the better, though that completely isn't a requirement.

Tony looked back and forth between Abby and Kate and found himself suddenly jealous with how quickly Abby had latched on to Kate. Without a filter between his brain and mouth, he made his annoyance known.

“Why didn't you take to me this fast?” he asked petulantly.

Abby just smiled at him as she responded. “You're like a piercing, Tony. Takes awhile for the throbbing to stop and the skin to grow back.”

Tony was quiet for a moment before noting the glint of humor in her eyes. Then with a grimace he responded as expected to keep up appearances, “That's more than I wanted to know.”

However, his mind was going back to the time where Abby really did feel that way about him and he had no idea why or how to change it.

About two years earlier…

Gibbs scrubbed his hand over his face in a momentary loss at what to do. On one hand, he had Abby. She was sexy, vibrant and had him wrapped around her finger in ways even she didn’t know. On the other hand, he had Tony DiNozzo. He was new, good looking and, if Gibbs wasn’t mistaken, interested. If it hadn’t been for Abby, Gibbs would have dragged him to the bed he had in that cheap motel in Baltimore.

Now he was faced with a jealous Abby and a confused DiNozzo. Abby knew that Gibbs wanted to “play” with Tony and she was worried that he would prefer Tony to her. DiNozzo wasn’t sure how to take Gibbs’ attentions and even more confused by Abby’s apparent hatred. Gibbs knew if he didn’t do something soon, Abby was likely to drive DiNozzo away, and Gibbs had just found him, so he didn’t want to let him go quite so soon.

Then an idea struck and Gibbs decided it was the best solution all around. Now he just had to follow through.

“DiNozzo!” he barked out and smiled when the younger man jumped in his chair as he hastily closed whatever computer game he had had opened.

“Yeah, Boss?”

“My house, 1900 hours. Don’t be late.” Gibbs then walked briskly away to head for Abby’s lab leaving a confused DiNozzo behind.

Tony shifted nervously outside of Gibbs’ front door. He had wanted to spend some time alone with the man since Baltimore, but he had figured the older man wasn’t interested. He had been working at NCIS for a month and had decided that even though he couldn’t have Gibbs in bed, he could at least work beside him every day and prove his skill as an investigator.

Over the course of that month, he had been simultaneously confused and turned on by the “attention” he received from Gibbs. Some would classify it as harassment in the work place, but to Tony, it made him feel wanted. He had found himself going much further than he normally would at times just to receive a whap to the back of his head.

Equally confusing had been the lab technician Abby Sciuto. Everyone, even Gibbs, had told him how friendly and easygoing she was. But from the moment that Gibbs had introduced him to her and then slapped him on the head for staring, she had been cold and calculating.

He was beginning to dread any time Gibbs asked him to go see her for information on the case they working. She generally wouldn’t give it to him until Gibbs showed up and then chastised him for not getting back to him. Then she would flash a smile at him as she told Gibbs exactly what he wanted to hear.

Abby didn’t like him and he had no idea how to fix that. But now, he needed to focus his thoughts on what was waiting for him behind the door. Gibbs had told him that the door was always open, but he was hesitant to just open it and walk inside.

Finally screwing up some courage, Tony turned the doorknob and walked cautiously into the room. The sight he found was worrisome and at the same time arousing.

Standing over near a fireplace was Gibbs, the object of his affection, in a lip lock with Abby. Judging by the little mewling sounds she was making, Gibbs was a good kisser. The sight had him frozen in place except for the slight shift he gave to accommodate the bulge growing in his pants.

When the door clicked shut behind him with an audible thump, he jumped and watched with panic stricken eyes as Gibbs and Abby broke their kiss to stare at him. For several moments, they all just stood looking at one another and only Gibbs had a smirk on his face.

Abby broke the silence when she turned angrily on Gibbs on pushed against his chest. “What is HE doing here?”

“I asked him to come,” Gibbs answered her in a stern voice.

Tony let his eyes flick between the two before he waggled his fingers at them. “You’re sleeping together?” he all but squeaked out.

“Some detective you are,” Abby snorted, only to receive a light slap on her bottom from Gibbs.

“Keep quiet,” he told her.

“Look, I’ll just be going. You two have some things to do and I don’t need to be here, so I’ll just go and don’t worry, I won’t say anything. I’m good at keeping quiet you know, undercover and all that,” Tony would have continued to ramble if Gibbs hadn’t cut him off.

“Sit down DiNozzo,” Gibbs barked and Tony found himself moving to the couch without question.

"If he is staying, then I'm going, Gibbs," Abby huffed out as she picked up her bag. Gibbs caught her arm and ran his thumb over the smooth skin.

“You sit too, Abby. We need to talk about some things.”

Abby crossed her arms but didn’t move until Gibbs half dragged her over the couch and pushed her down next to Tony. He sat on the coffee table in front of them and looked them both in the face. Abby had anger mixed with hurt written on her face while Tony just looked confused and slightly turned on at the situation.

“Abby and I have been sleeping together for a year,” Gibbs started out as he turned toward Tony. “And that’s the only reason I didn’t toss you into the bed in Baltimore.”

Both Tony and Abby looked at him sharply after that comment. Then they both spoke at the same time.

“You wanted me?” Tony asked in unison with Abby’s, “You wanted him?”

“Yes,” Gibbs answered. Then at Abby’s downcast face, he quickly added, “I want you both.”

Tony then turned sharply and looked at Abby who turned and gave him an appraising look. “Both of us?” they questioned together, only to glare at speaking in unison again.

“Both,” Gibbs confirmed. Then he surprised Tony by reaching out and tugging the other man forward into a kiss.

Their first kiss started out rather awkward with Tony not participating at first as his mind tried to catch up with what was happening and also as he tried to find his balance from the way Gibbs held him out over the space between the couch and the table. Finally, he gave in to the action and sank to his knees, leaning up to Gibbs’ mouth. He parted his lips and gave a slight groan when Gibbs’ tongue invaded his mouth. He dueled halfheartedly with his own tongue before letting Gibbs map his mouth thoroughly. When they finally parted, Tony sank back with his back resting against the couch and panted hard to catch his breath. He only halfway noticed Gibbs pulling Abby over to his lap to give her mouth the same treatment.

After several moments, Tony felt his arm being tugged on and he followed the pull until he was standing. When he finally focused, he found that Abby was tucked under Gibbs’ arm and looking at him for the first time without the hatred she had been displaying.

“You want to do this, Tony?” Gibbs asked him. Tony beamed when he realized that was the first time Gibbs had called him by his first name. He had started to wonder if the older man even knew it.

“Yeah, Boss,” he said in a husky voice as he licked his lips. “As long as Abby is okay with it,” he added as he stared into her dark eyes.

“Just as long as you know the pecking order,” she responded with an almost wicked looking smile.

If Tony’s cock hadn’t hardened at the semi-threat of what was to come, he might have panicked. Instead, he let Gibbs take his hand and followed behind the two as they led him upstairs to where Gibbs’ bedroom had to be.

Once in the room, Tony felt a little self-conscious as the other two stood there looking at him. He had been with women before and he had been with men, but never both at the same time and he wasn’t sure how things were supposed to work.

Gibbs must have seen his uncertainty, because he took charge of the situation before Tony had much time to worry.

“Abby,” Gibbs murmured into her neck, “take of your clothes and go over to the bed.”

Tony watched as Abby did as she told and became lost in watching her body twist and turn as she pulled various items off her gorgeous form. When she had shed her final top garment, Tony found himself captivated by the ornate cross that decorated her back. He had never been much for tattoos in any form, but the way they decorated Abby’s body suddenly gave him a new found appreciation for them.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

He almost jumped when Gibbs’ voice sounded behind his ear and he felt strong arms wrap around from behind him.

“Yeah,” he managed to breathe out as his focus turned on to Gibbs’ hands working their way up his chest underneath his shirt.

“You want to fuck her tonight? Push into her while I sit back and watch?” Gibbs’ voice had taken on a deeper quality that Tony could only compare to the way the man intimidated a suspect. And the intimidation was working on him.

“Yeah,” he said shakily as he jerked when Gibbs tweaked a nipple.

“Then,” Gibbs whispered in his ear just before he snaked his tongue out for a lick, “Once she’s come, I’ll let her suck you while I open you up. Think you’ll like my cock pushing inside you while Abby’s underneath you with your cock in her sweet mouth? She’s so good at it you know. Makes you feel like she’ll draw your insides out through your dick.”

Tony inhaled sharply and arched his back from a combination of Gibbs’ words and the fingers teasing his nipples. “God yes,” he breathed out.

Gibbs chuckled as he pulled back and gave a light slap a few feet south of its normal location. “Then I think you’ve got too many clothes on to do any of the things we just talked about.”

Tony began tugging his clothes off so fast he almost stumbled. Before long, he was standing completely naked, his cock already straining forward, and licking his lips in anticipation. Then Abby looked at him with a new hunger in her eyes and beckoned him forward.

He knelt on the bed and looked down at her reclined form. He positioned himself over her body, using his arms to support his weight and leaned down to kiss her for the first time. Their lips met in a closed test before she parted hers to let him in. Tony could taste Gibbs on her at first and then he plunged deeper and found the taste that was unique to the dark haired girl.

She wrapped her arms around his back and then he felt her legs snake around his waist. Before long, she was rubbing against the tip of his hardness and he had to pull back for a breath. As he pulled back, he found a condom tossed his way and glanced up to see Gibbs sitting naked in the chair beside the bed. The older man’s cock was half hard and he had a lustful look in his eyes and he watched the two of them in his bed.

Tony sat back as Abby slid the condom over his erection with practiced ease, letting her hand stroke the length a few times. “Fuck me good, Tony, and I promise to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had while the Boss fucks you,” she said huskily before laying back down.

Tony found himself casting one more glance to Gibbs for permission. The other man nodded and then spoke really softly, “Fuck her, but don’t you come until I’m inside you.”

Tony found his body anticipating the rest of the night. Orders in bed had never turned him on so much before. With Gibbs, he wanted nothing more than to follow them, obey without fail, just to please the other man.

“Got it, Boss,” he murmured before turning his attention back to Abby.

He stretched out over her long body and let his mouth start to work from her jaw line down to her breasts. He took turns with each one, alternatively sucking and nibbling her tits until they were hard points. When he had her making small sounds from his actions, he slid a hand in between her legs and let a finger move into her moist entrance.

He added another finger and began moving them in and out in a mimic of what his dick would soon be doing. When his fingers were coated, he pulled them free and brought them to his lips and sucked them clean with her dark eyes watching every move.

Then he pushed her legs a little further apart with his own and positioned himself to enter her. In one solid move, he was fully inside her and she groaned at his actions. Then he felt her muscles clench around his cock and gave his own groan. Vaguely remembering that he wasn’t supposed to come until Gibbs wanted him too, he decided he better move things along with Abby. He began a slow rhythm of pulling in and out, giving her time to adjust to him.

When her legs wrapped around his waist and her body angled slightly upward to give him better access, he picked up speed and was soon sliding in and out of her with urgency. Through his fog, he could hear the sound of his balls slapping against her skin mingled with their pants. Then his ears picked up the slide of Gibbs’ hand over his own cock and his heavy breathing. The thought of the older man enjoying the site of him fucking Abby, Tony increased his speed and reached his hand down to find her clit.

Within moments, she was clenching tightly around his straining cock as she rode through her orgasm. He struggled to not come from the sight and feel of it all. Moments later, he pulled out and flopped on his back beside her. He longed to grip his cock and jerk himself to completion, but the thought of what Gibbs wanted kept him from acting on it.

Soon, he felt hands on his cock and saw Gibbs pulling the condom off. He smiled up at Gibbs and gave his lips a lick. “You’re not planning on leaving me hanging are you?” he asked with a playful smile.

“What if I did? You’d do what I asked you to do wouldn’t you DiNozzo?”

Tony sucked in a breath and tried to not look at his cock that showed its interest in taking Gibbs’ orders.

Gibbs just laughed and pulled him onto his stomach. “Get up on your knees,” he ordered and Tony obeyed without question.

Abby began to stir and took in the new positions everyone was in with a smile. “You’re going to like him fucking you, Tony,” she said quietly. “He fills you up inside and you don’t know how you’ve gone your whole life without him inside you. You’re going to beg him for more, beg him to fuck you until you can’t take anymore, then you’ll beg him to do it all over again.”

Tony sucked in a breath as a slick finger pushed inside him on her last word. “Relax Tony,” Gibbs said as he ran his other hand down Tony’s back. “How long has it been?”

“About two years,” Tony said quietly. “After Philly, didn’t risk anything in Baltimore.”

Abby gave him a sympathetic look before she maneuvered herself to draw his mouth to hers. Gibbs in the meantime added a second finger and leaned over to place kisses on Tony’s spine. When Abby finished her kiss, she gave his nose a playful peck before turning herself to slide her head down to Tony’s leaking cock.

“You did good earlier, Tony, so now I’ll return the favor.” Without pause, she pulled Tony’s cock into her mouth and let her tongue swirl around it. She released it with a wet pop and smiled back at him as he bent his head to look at her.

Then Gibbs pushed three fingers inside him and brushed his prostate. His head dropped as he moaned loudly from the stimulus to his body. Then he realized that Abby’s position put her opening right in line with his mouth and he smiled.

He timed plunging his tongue inside with the thrust of Gibbs’ fingers and the suction of Abby’s mouth and they were all left panting.

Deciding he didn’t want to wait any longer, Tony turned his head back to look at Gibbs with the fingers buried in his ass. “I’m ready, Boss. Want you to fuck me long and hard.”

Gibbs smiled and pulled his fingers out. “Be careful what you wish for DiNozzo,” he said with a grin.

“I can take it,” he said soundly just before he moaned when Abby licked across his aching tip.

“I’m sure you can, DiNozzo,” Gibbs said as he pushed his thick cock up to Tony’s waiting hole.

Tony turned his head back down and rested against Abby’s legs as he forced himself to relax. Despite his talk that he could take it, he knew that it would hurt a bit since it had been awhile. He kept his breathing steady as Gibbs pushed ever slowly inside his body.

Once Gibbs was fully seated, Tony shifted his ass some to get comfortable with the feel of the cock inside him. When he felt ready, he bucked his hips forward a little to indicate to Gibbs he wanted the man to move.

Gibbs took the hint and began to pull out of him only to push back inside before he fully did. Once the slow fucking starting rocking Tony’s hips, Abby began more earnest work on his cock. Taking her cue, he returned his head to her entrance and began to dip is tongue inside, paying special attention to the little nub inside.

Gibbs set the pace for all three of them and soon the room was filled with sounds of panting, skin slapping skin and wet sucking.

It was Abby that came first when Tony lightly nipped inside her lips. When she came, her mouth tightened around his cock and Tony found himself pushing into her as his cock released his seed.

Through his release, Tony’s ass clamped down on Gibbs’ cock and the older man gave one last thrust before he filled the condom deep inside Tony. Abby managed to pull herself out from under Tony and then the two men collapsed on the bed with Gibbs still buried inside Tony.

It was several minutes before either felt the urge to move and then Gibbs reluctantly pulled himself out of Tony. Tony only managed a small grunt as he continued to lay in the middle of the bed in a blissful daze.

“I think we broke him,” Abby commented softly as she watched Gibbs discard the condom and tug the covers out from under Tony.

“Does this mean you like him now?” he questioned her as he pulled the covers over all three of them.

Abby rolled over and wrapped an arm around Tony’s back and smiled when Gibbs did the same with his hand resting on her side.

“I think I could get use to him. We gonna keep him?”

“I’m not letting him go now that I’ve him trained so well. Be hard to find another one like him.”

“Can I get him a collar?” Abby asked with a bit of joy.

“I don’t bark,” Tony mumbled from underneath them.

“But you do roll over on command,” she teased.

“Arf, Arf,” Tony snorted

“Get some sleep you two,” Gibbs chided as he reached over and turned the lamp off. “And don’t make me have to punish either of you.”

Back in the present…

“Tony,” Abby said his name again as she snapped her fingers in front of his face. “You okay?”

He turned to look at her as he blinked his eyes to clear his thoughts. “You really think of me like that, Abby?” he asked softly.

Abby took in the sudden insecure sound in his voice and wanted to kick herself. “You know the best thing about a piercing,” she said quickly.

“What’s that?”

“It’s how good they look when they’re buried inside your body for others to see,” she whispered in his ear. “How about we put on a show for the Boss tonight?”

Tony leaned back and graced her with a smile. “I like the sounds of that.
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: threesome/more, .noncrossover, character: abby sciuto (ncis), character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo/abby

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  • The Book Meme

    sinfulslasher tagged me, so here it is: Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a…

  • Meme: Fic Recognition

    Stolen from elrhiarhodan because I'm not sure I can do it and I need a challenge. From my Yearly Story Roundups, find a fic and choose…

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