Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Fic: Five Senses (NCIS)

Title: Five Senses
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Challenge: ncis_drabble; Challenge #84 - Five Senses
Spoilers: Episode tag to 05x15 In the Zone
Word Count: 5 x 100

Crossposted: ncis_drabble; ncisfanfic

Summary: Nikki Jardine is a woman very focused on her senses as Tony DiNozzo begins to learn.

He was the last person I hugged until that day. I remember his arms reaching around to tug me towards his body. The way I felt so safe from the feel of his body wrapped around mine. I never liked to be touched, even as a child. But he could break through my defenses. One hug and I was lost. The day he shipped out, I kept away from everyone. The day he came home, it was me that had to go to him. Every day I would hold his hand. So when Jamil’s sister hugged me, I was lost.

Watching her as the young girl wrapped her arms around her, I had to smile. Here’s this strong woman who couldn’t stand to have anyone touch her, yet she didn’t shy away from the girl she had given hope to. There was more to this woman and I wanted to find out what it was. Her brother was a key clue. Until now, I hadn’t known she had one, let alone that he was wounded. I know that there is something more she is not telling me. But I’ll sniff it out in the end. It’s what I’m good at.

Every time I walk into his room and see the monitors and his lifeless body, I cringe. War took a once vibrant man and reduced him to this shell in a bed. Every day I hope beyond hope that I’ll walk through those doors and see him staring back at me with a smile, but I know it will never happen. Doctor after doctor has told me that he will never wake up. Instead, I talk with him; pretend that he can see everything I do while I’m there. Somehow, maybe for just a second, he might open his eyes.

I looked up from my computer as Gibbs tapped my head. I blinked my eyes when I realized how long I had been there and that besides Gibbs I was the only one left. “Go home, DiNozzo,” he said in a gruff voice. I told him I would once I finished up something. He hovered for a second before he gave me a room number. I looked up at him sharply wondering how he could know what it was I was looking for. He just smirked and said, “And take a shower before you get there. They’ll both appreciate it.”

The threads of music filtered into the hallway. The woman in the room looked up as she heard a shuffle of sound at the doorway. The man standing there flashed her a wide smile as he asked permission to enter the small room. “Hey Eric,” the man greeted the comatose soldier. “I’m Tony DiNozzo. Work with your sister Nikki. She’s a brave woman you know. A little stupid at times for jumping out of military vehicles in the middle of a war zone, but still brave. So, do you have any good stories to tell about her? I’m all ears.”
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: gen, .noncrossover, challenge: five things, challenge: ncisdrabbles100, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: nikki jardine (ncis), fandom: ncis

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