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Fic: The Ones You Love (NCIS)

Title: The Ones You Love
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Episode Tag: 03x21 Bloodbath
Warnings: Contains M/M/F Threesome, Sex, light BDSM, Spanking
Word Count: approx 3,800
Beta: azraelz_angel Many Thanks!!!!

Crossposted: rounds_of_kink; gibbs_dinozzo; ncis_slash; ncisfanfic; gibbs_abby_tony; tonydinozzo

Written For: rounds_of_kink's May 8th Prompt by sandersyager

Prompt: I can't control myself and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, it's true what they say about you. Abby Sciuto/Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs. Kink - Spanking.

Summary: I can't control myself and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, it's true what they say about you. Episode Tag to 03x21 Bloodbath

Abby found herself shaking as she parked her hearse outside of Gibbs’ house. She had been at a loss since everything Mikel has started. Now that she knew he had intended to kill her for not returning his affection, she felt all her defenses crumbling. She couldn’t help but wonder what might have happened if she’d gone to Gibbs or even Tony before everything had gotten out of control.

She kept repeating to herself that she couldn’t change the past, but she could work on changing the future. To help with that task, there were only two people she could and would trust. And they were both inside not expecting her visit. With the last of her fragile control, she got out of the car and made her way to the darkened house.

Tony stepped into Gibbs’ tight embrace and tucked his head into the crook of Gibbs’ neck. Ever since Kate, it seemed that life for their little “family” was one mishap after another. He had been framed for murder, McGee had killed a cop and now Abby. It scared him with how close they had come to losing her.

“Will she be alright, Boss?” Tony mumbled as he started to kiss the skin beneath his mouth.

“I’ll make sure she is,” Gibbs said with a confidence Tony knew he could back. It was Gibbs that always put him back together every time he broke. First, there was Baltimore and his need for a quick exit, Jeffrey, the plague, Kate’s death, Chip… The list was long and growing every day it seemed.

Gibbs must have sensed his inner turmoil, because Tony felt the arms and hands wrapped around his body begin to move in soothing circles across his back. Then the hands moved up to card through his hair.

If Tony had been a cat, he knew he would have started to purr. As it was, he heard little mewling sounds slip past his lips. Then Gibbs pulled his head back so they were staring into each other’s eyes.

“We’ll take care of her Tony,” Gibbs said soundly. “I told her the door was opened.”

“Think she’ll come?” Tony asked as he dipped his eyes out of view of Gibbs’ blue ones.

“When she’s ready,” Gibbs said just before he leaned in to place a tender kiss on Tony’s lips. Before long, Gibbs’ tongue slipped into Tony’s mouth and the kiss deepened until they were both left breathless.

As Gibbs pulled back, Tony watched the older man’s blue eyes darken. Then Gibbs took control as he huskily said, “Go to the bedroom and strip down. Wait for me on the bed.”

Tony started to turn, but Gibbs caught his wrist to stop him from leaving. “And Tony,” he added, “prepare yourself.”

“On it, Boss,” Tony whispered as he began to follow the orders without delay. He departed so quickly that he missed seeing the shadowed figure standing in the doorway.

Abby gave a slight shudder as she heard the order Gibbs had given to Tony. This is what she had come to him for, structure, a place where she didn’t have to be responsible. She was so lost in thought that she hadn’t noticed that Gibbs was standing right next to her until he whispered in her ear.

“You okay, Abby?” he asked her softly and she could hear the concern that laced his strong voice.

“No, Sir,” she whispered back. “I-“ she started, then paused as she took a deep breath. “I need-“ she found herself unable to voice what she wanted. Instead, she showed him with her actions.

Within moments, she sank gracefully to her knees, placed her hands behind her back and bowed her head. She didn’t move as Gibbs circled her a few times before he placed his hand in her hair. She held back a sigh as he slipped the dark strands through his fingers as if he were petting her.

“Look at me Abby,” his voice seemed to echo around her and she immediately responded by straightening her head and then casting her eyes upward.

He held her gaze for several moments in silence. Abby tried hard not to shudder under his scrutiny, but finally her eyes shifted just slightly and his hand froze on her head.

“I’ll take care of you Abby,” Gibbs said quietly yet firmly. “Tony and I will keep you safe.”

“I don’t feel safe,” Abby all but sobbed out. “And--" she shifted her eyes back to meet Gibbs’, “I screwed up.”

“How so?” Gibbs asked quietly as his hand resumed petting her with an occasional tug that left her gasping.

“I should have,” she paused to catch her breath. “I should have gone to you or Tony when things got out of hand.”

Gibbs stayed quiet as he let her work through what she was punishing herself for.

“I -- I didn’t want you to worry about me. It was my problem and I didn’t want -- couldn't talk about it. I was embarrassed,” she concluded as she cast worried eyes back up to meet his.

“You didn’t need to be embarrassed Abby,” Gibbs said as he moved his hand down to stroke her cheek. “I’m the guy who was clubbed in the head with a nine iron. You could have come to us for help and we wouldn’t have said a thing.”

Abby narrowed her eyes and raised an eyebrow at that statement.

“Okay,” Gibbs amended, “Tony would have said something, but I would have stopped him before he went too far.”

Abby smiled a little. “I know. It’s his coping mechanism.”

“One we’re working on one head slap at a time,” Gibbs added with his own smile. Then he sobered up and gave Abby his ‘give me an honest answer or else’ look. “Do you need this tonight?”

Abby had no doubt in her mind what ‘this’ was. If she said no, Gibbs would either let her stay for comfort or give her the guest room to gather herself. If she said yes, he would give her the punishment her mind and body wanted in order to feel absolved and back in control. Tony and Gibbs would have the responsibility to tell her that none of it was her fault. All she would have to do was listen and follow their orders. The control would be theirs to give back to her when they felt she was ready.

Taking a deep breath, she corrected her posture, dipped her head and said in a clear voice, “Yes, Sir.”

He stroked her cheek one more time before stepping back. “Follow me upstairs; do not talk and once we are inside the bedroom strip, then kneel near the door.”

He saw her nod before he turned to make his way upstairs to join Tony.

Tony had finished his preparations and had been kneeling on the bed for about five minutes when his ears picked up the sound of the door clicking open and then closing again. He drew in a breath and concentrated on maintaining his position. Being with Gibbs had given him a calm that he didn’t know he could ever find. He could relax his body from its constant motion, let his guard down and trust Gibbs to take care of everything. He had never had that in his life, even as a child, and found himself treasuring every moment.

He sighed when he felt the familiar hand run down his head and stop at the back of his neck. He shuddered at the light squeeze the hand gave before it trailed slowly down his back. The hand came to rest again over his ass with one finger slipping between his cheeks. Tony’s body reacted by pushing back into the finger. He heard a low chuckle before the hand pulled away, only to feel it return quickly with a light slap. Tony’s breath quickened from the action.

Then he felt breath on his neck as the bed dipped under the weight of his boss. “I love seeing you like this,” was whispered in his ear. “Ready to do anything I ask, ready for me to just push you into the mattress and fuck you.”

Tony felt every inch of his skin heat up and his cock hardened as Gibbs continued. “You like me taking you long and hard, don’t you DiNozzo? Love it when I tie your hands and don’t give you any relief until I tell you to come.”

A stuttered, “Please,” slipped out of Tony’s mouth before he could stop it and Gibbs delivered a matching slap to the other side of his ass.

“No talking until I say so,” Gibbs said sternly. “Lay down on your back; arms on the headboard.”

Tony hurriedly obeyed. When he started to spread his legs apart, Gibbs place a hand on his thigh to stop him.

“Leave those there for now,” Gibbs said softly.

Tony gave Gibbs a questioning look as he watched the older man move to the nightstand and the pair of cuffs that were kept there. Tony couldn’t keep his reaction hidden as his already heavy cock filled out more, precome sitting on the tip. He gave a full body shudder as the metal closed around his wrists, locking them in place. He gave an experimental tug and smiled slightly knowing that he was now vulnerable to whatever Gibbs wanted to do with him.

Tony pushed his body up some when a still fully clothed Gibbs stretched out over top of him. Their eyes locked for several moments before Gibbs leaned in and prodded Tony’s mouth open with his tongue. Before long, both men were breathless and Tony was tugging unconsciously against the restraints to try to touch some part of Gibbs.

Then suddenly, Gibbs was gone from the bed and Tony let out a small whimper from the loss. He flushed when he heard the sound he had made, but hoped fervently that it would bring Gibbs back to him. Then he heard Gibbs speaking and his eyes went wide when he realized that Gibbs was speaking to someone else in the room.

“Stand up,” Gibbs had ordered to the unknown person. Tony pulled a little harder against the cuffs in an effort to try to cover himself. In his mind, he knew that Gibbs would never expose him to anyone without knowing that it was okay with Tony to do so. However knowing that and actually being able to live it were two separate things. He was about to call out the word he had never used in all his times with Gibbs, his safe word, when he saw the bowed head with black hair draped across bare shoulders.

Tony’s mouth formed an almost comical ‘o’ shape as he watched Gibbs and Abby make their way to the bed. He wanted nothing more than to ask if she was okay, but looking at the way she moved, he already knew the answer to that. He silently cursed the cuffs on his wrists that prevented him from scooping her up in his arms and protecting her from everything bad in the world. He trusted that Gibbs could take care of her and give her what she needed to feel whole again.

Tony kept his eyes locked on the pair standing beside the bed as Gibbs stepped behind Abby and pressed against her back. His hands trailed down from her shoulders and moved to her breasts. Once there, the talented fingers began to lightly pinch and tease the nipples until they were hardened nubs. Abby’s chest started to rise and fall as she panted and gasped for breath under Gibbs’ attention. Tony found himself squirming at the sight of his Boss’ hands, hand he knew so well, moving over her smooth body. But he only managed to frustrate himself when he couldn’t find any source of friction for his aching cock.

After several minutes, Gibbs’ hands slid down Abby’s stomach and then slipped between her legs. Tony’s attention was so focused on the way Gibbs’ fingers disappeared into her body that he didn’t notice the pair had moved closer until Abby was being gently pushed onto the bed beside him.

Her eyes flickered up to meet his and his heart ached at the hurt mixed with need he could read in her expression. He wanted to whisper words to her, tell her everything would be alright and that they would take care of her, but he wasn’t permitted to talk. Instead he put every thought he had into his eyes and hoped she understood. The silent communication seemed to work when she gave a small smile in his direction before dipping her head away.

Tony leaned in to Gibbs’ hand when it reached over to pet his cheek. Tony wanted to laugh at the look of satisfaction on Gibbs’ face as he looked down at the two people he had willingly in his bed. Leave it to his boss to be satisfied when he knew he had complete control over the people in his life.

“Keep still,” Gibbs intoned as he patted Tony’s cheek before pulling his hand back to Abby. Then Tony watched in fascination and curiosity as Gibbs moved Abby so she was lying across Tony’s lap. He had to bite back the urge to thrust upward when Abby’s inner thighs covered his cock. Instead, he fisted his hands, nails digging into the tender skin of his palms.

Before long, Gibbs had cuffed Abby’s hands behind her back and stepped back to look at the display he had created on his bed. Then he moved to the side that Abby was facing and knelt down until his face was even with hers.

Tony didn’t hear what Gibbs asked the dark haired girl, but he understood when she responded with, “Bert.”

Gibbs chuckled and then placed a light kiss on the top of her head before pulling back. Tony wasn’t sure what to expect next, but what did happen shocked him to his core.

Gibbs had moved quickly to the other side of the bed and stood in between outstretched legs that were hanging over the edge. The effect had her legs parted which gave room for Tony’s cock to strain up between her thighs and brush the heated crevice that he suddenly wanted to sink into. His attention was so tuned to the heat radiating from Abby that he didn’t see the descending hand until the sound of the slap against her ass and the movement of her body over him and around his cock startled him back to reality.

He cast shocked eyes in Gibbs’ direction even as he wanted to rub his dick against Abby. He didn’t know or understand why he was punishing her. She needed their comfort, not punishment for something she had no control over. But it seemed that Gibbs was either too focused on Abby or pointedly avoiding looking at Tony. Tony decided it was the latter after the second slap landed on Abby’s opposite cheek and Gibbs’ retreating hand brushed the tip of his cock.

Tony decided that Gibbs had lost something in his mind for alternating between punishment for Abby and a mix of pleasure and torture for him. Within moments, two more slaps rang out in quick succession, his cock brushed both times. By that point, Abby was taking shallow breaths and her lower body was bucking slightly over Tony’s legs.

Tony wanted to reach his hands out to either stop Gibbs’ hand from descending or to sooth the redness he could see blossoming on Abby’s ass. With his hands cuffed in place, he could only lay back and watch as the hand struck again. This time there was a longer pull on his dick and Gibbs finally turned his head to meet Tony’s eyes.

Tony tried to pour his sudden anger over Gibbs’ actions into their look and Gibbs must have noticed it. Gibbs placed a finger over Tony’s lips and then used his other hand to run down Abby’s back to the reddened globes of her ass. Tony looked at him with questions and anger still burning in his eyes as Gibbs spoke evenly to Abby as he kept his eyes locked on Tony’s.

“Why am I punishing you Abby?” he asked in his commanding voice that always had Tony straightening his posture.

Abby sniffed quietly before responding in a soft voice, “It was my fault. I didn’t -- I should have come to you guys. I should have--"

“Shhh,” Gibbs soothed as he ran his hand back down her back. Tony found himself struggling to keep quiet and surprisingly blinking back tears in his eyes.

“We’ll take care of you Abby. You have us now,” Gibbs whispered as he bent down to place a kiss in the center of the ornate cross that decorated her back.

Abby turned her head so she could look at Tony. He stared into her dark eyes and finally saw the need buried there, the need for absolution that Gibbs was trying to give her. She continued to look at Tony as she spoke to Gibbs.

“Please Sir,” she all but whispered. “I need--"

“I’ve got you Abby,” Gibbs said strongly. “It’s my responsibility now.”

Tony jerked when a new slap landed quickly on Abby’s skin. She let out a gasp of air just as Tony let out a moan at the warm fingers dragging over his erection.

After that, a rhythm was set that lasted for the next several minutes. Gibbs’ hands alternated striking Abby’s ass and always caught his dick on their way back. Tony had never felt such an emotional build up in his life. Between the sounds of the strikes, Abby’s gasping breath and the small touches he was receiving from both Gibbs’ hands and Abby’s leg, Tony was lost. He was on the edge, but could not find his completion; Gibbs hadn’t told him he could.

Just as Tony was about to beg for it to stop, for Gibbs to take him or for Abby to take, for any kind of relief, the strikes came to an end. Then in the sudden silence, Tony could hear the quiet sobs coming from Abby as Gibbs bent over and scooped her back into his arms whispering reassurances into her ear.

Tony was torn between wanting to be able to do what Gibbs was doing and finding relief. Finally, a mewling sound escaped his lips and his skin flushed in embarrassment. Within moments, Gibbs was moving and had rolled a condom onto Tony’s cock, giving it a few firm strokes that left Tony panting.

Gibbs leaned over and kissed him on the lips and he pulled back, he gave Tony an order he had learned to expect from the older man in bed, “Don’t come until I say so.”

Then Gibbs pulled back and Tony watched wide-eyed as he positioned a kneeling Abby over his dick. Gibbs guided her down slowly until Tony was buried inside her heated body. Tony fought back the urge to thrust up, waiting for Gibbs’ instructions.

“Don’t move,” Gibbs said to both of them as he stepped back from the bed and slowly began to strip, his eyes never leaving the display in front of him. Both Tony and Abby were breathing harshly from not moving their bodies the way they desperately wanted to. Tony whimpered each time Abby clenched her muscles around his sensitive cock.

It seemed like forever before Gibbs joined them on the bed again. Gibbs grabbed a pillow and had Tony rise up with Abby still sitting on his cock as Gibbs place the pillow under his ass. Then Gibbs parted Tony’s legs wide enough for him to press up against Abby’s back and place his hard cock at the prepared opening to Tony’s body. Tony’s eyes glazed over as he realized what Gibbs had planned. Tony was going to fuck Abby while Gibbs fucked him, but Gibbs would set the pace for everything. Tony flexed his fingers in anticipation.

Within moments, Gibbs’ hands grasped Abby’s hips and he lifted her up slowly only to carefully drop her back down. The action drew a moan out of both and Gibbs gave a smile that Tony only ever saw when they were in bed. Soon, Gibbs had set a rhythm for moving Abby, letting Tony’s cock slide in and out of her hot passage.

While Tony concentrated on the sensations coming from plunging into Abby’s body for the first time, Gibbs slid into Tony’s waiting body until he was fully inside and pressed against Abby’s back.

Tony groaned loudly as he was torn between wanting to thrust his hips forward and backward at the same time. It was a hard decision that he didn’t have to make because Gibbs was doing all the work.

Soon, Gibbs was pounding into Tony with a force that he had rarely used in bed and Tony found himself going incoherent from it. Gibbs also increased Abby’s up and down motion and started bringing her down hard with each pass.

Just when Tony was sure he couldn’t last any longer no matter what his boss had ordered, Abby was pushed harshly down on his cock as Gibbs reached a hand around to finger her clit.

Then he heard the one word order that sent him over the edge with Abby, “Come.”

Tony was sure that he hadn’t come that hard in his entire life. As he filled the condom deep inside Abby’s body, he relished in the tightness of her body spasming around him and the feel of Gibbs’ cock still pounding into his ass. He cried out just as he sank back into the mattress without a thought of anything except the cock still brushing his prostate with each thrust.

Finally, Gibbs buried himself deep within Tony’s ass and let out his own strangled sound as he came. Then, with the last of his strength, Gibbs lifted Abby off of Tony’s spent cock and undid the cuffs around the wrists behind her back.

Tony smiled languidly as Gibbs leaned forward, letting his softening cock slip from Tony’s body.

Soon, Tony was free from the headboard and he immediately rolled to his side and wrapped Abby into his arms, tangling her hair into his fingers.

“It’ll be okay Abs,” he repeated over and over. He was sure if it was to reassure her, himself or both.

Abby pressed into his chest and quietly cried herself to sleep in Tony’s arms. Tony smiled as he felt Gibbs pull the covers up over all three of them and then slide in behind him.

“Thanks for taking care of both of us Boss,” he said quietly as Gibbs pressed into his back and wrapped his strong arms around both of them.

“It’s my job,” Gibbs whispered back. “Gotta take care of the ones you love.”
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: kink, .genre: threesome/more, .noncrossover, challenge: rounds of kink, character: abby sciuto (ncis), character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo/abby

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