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C is for Crossover (26 Things)

This is from my 26 Things list which can be found by clicking here.

charlie_jae said C is for Crossovers. How do they inspire?

Before I even knew what the internet was or the word fanfiction for that matter, I had an idea. I don't remember how old I was, but I did write about one chapter of a story in a notebook. It was a crossover. I took the worlds from Highlander, Swamp Thing and I Still Dream of Jeannie and started to merge them. I used Richie Ryan, Will Kipp and Tony Nelson, Jr. and tried to bring them together... I never finished that idea (my first WIP!), but my love of crossovers continued.

Then in college at the computer lab late one night, I beheld an awesome sight... I was on www.bored.com and found something called fanfiction. I was intrigued and one thing led to another and, well here I am.

I started looking up Highlander fanfiction and stumbled upon a Highlander/BtVS crossover world called the Wanderer Verse by Steve Pantovich and I lapped up every bit of it... next came the Journey Verse started by Tenhawk and I was hooked.

I hovered on FF.net like many first timers do. Then over the course of reading more BtVS crossover stories, I somehow found a link to something called Twisting the Hellmouth back in its moonlitpath days. Once I found TTH, it was hard for me to go to other fanfiction site. TTH sucked me in to the point I eventually became a mod.

I started out writing slow... and stuck to Xander mostly. Until recently, BtVS crossovers have been the "it" thing for me in fanfiction. Lately, NCIS has clouded my mind. But I'm still holding true to my crossover heritage and have done NCIS/BtVS, NCIS/Supernatural and have the outlines for an NCIS/SGA fic in the makings...

And let me not forget my jump into crossover art. I have a collection called Supernaturally Twisted that contains over 100 chapters of Supernatural crossover artwork with fandoms as rare as Mary Poppins (yes, I said Mary Poppins).

My favorite rare crossover I've done? Why my fanart/drabble of SG1/Where's Waldo called Mirrored. :-)
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