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E is for Epiphany

This is from my 26 Things list which can be found by clicking here. I still have open letters, so go ask me something... :-)

From tassosss... "E is for Epiphany. What's something you've had an epiphany moment about?"

Well, I've many minor epiphanies throughout my life. I'm not sure I've ever had a major moment where the nature of the universe suddenly became crystal clear in my mind, but I think every little "I got it now!" moments are epiphanies in their own right.

Most common for me right now is when I'm trying to teach myself something new with code while building websites. I just recently took my first step into database creation and website integration by creating a fanfic award site for NFA. The Hinky Awards

I had so many moments where something just wasn't clicking for me when I knew it should... it was frustrating. Then I would step away (sometimes go take a shower) and then BAM the answer would come to me. Of course it's hard to write thoughts down while standing in a shower. I need a waterproof recorder I think. :-)

Life wise... I think one epiphany was my decision my senior year of high school about what I wanted to study in college. I had been torn for more than two years between art (graphic design) and geology/seismology. Both areas interest me to know end and, at the time, I could see myself going either way. Then it hit me that geology would have me sitting around staring at printouts versus art where I would have the chance to create things every day... plus, geology required chemistry classes and I hated chemistry... so, art it was.

In college I took a geology class one semester and while I liked it, the department was very dull and the students were ho-hum. The art department had energy, we had a dog mascot (a teacher brought her lab named Molly to work with her) and we called the teachers and even the department head by their first names. Molly actually spent a lot of time in the graphic design lab because the teacher who owned her had her office connected to the lab. So my epiphany allowed me to see dog toys, food/water bowls on the floor of the lab everyday of class and smile when someone would throw a toy of hers in the middle of class and the teacher we had would just smile too...
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