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Fic: Sole Focus (NCIS)

Title: Sole Focus
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Warnings: Slash; Bondage (Immobility); BDSM
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Word Count: 2,860
Betas: azraelz_angel & writinginct

Crossposted: gibbs_dinozzo; ncis_slash; ncisfanfic; gibbsbasement

Written For: An entry for my kink_bingo card. My card can be found here: http://kaylashay81.livejournal.com/71898.html

Bingo Kink: Bondage (immobility)

Summary: All Tony wanted was Gibbs’ blue eyes focused solely on him and him alone.

“My turn tonight DiNozzo,” was all Tony heard as Gibbs strode past him in the bullpen on his way for the elevator. Just the thought caused his body to shudder.

Kate looked up in that brief moment and smiled wide. “What’d you do to get Gibbs riding your ass this time?”

Tony’s face lit up like a deer caught in the headlights before he realized that she couldn’t possibly mean that the way he interpreted it. Instead, he replaced his slight fear mixed with anticipation of the night to come with his normal wide smile as he leaned back in his chair.

“Just my charming personality, Katie. You’re just jealous it’s not you he’s riding.” He continued to smile as he successfully shut her up for the time being. Then he let his mind drift to all the possibilities that the night might bring him.

Tony walked through the front door without knocking. Gibbs never would have opened it if he had. He found the house dark save for the sliver of light seeping from under the basement door. With a deep breath and a shiver of excitement, Tony made his way down the stairs to see what his boss had planned for the night.

Gibbs didn’t acknowledge him right away as Tony sat down on the bottom step and watched the older man as he sanded the wood of the boat. The muted rasping sound was almost hypnotic and Tony's eyes closed and he found himself lost in thought, lulled by the sanding's steady cadence. Tony was always fascinated by the deep-set concentration Gibbs had on his face when he was working on the boat and longed to see that focus on himself. He many times went out of his way to draw Gibbs’ attention and he didn’t care if it was positive or negative. All Tony wanted was Gibbs’ blue eyes focused solely on him and him alone.

His eyes flew open and he jumped with a squeak when he felt a hand circle to the back of his neck. He flushed when Gibbs’ chuckle reached his ears.

“Hey Boss,” he said almost sheepishly as he leaned into Gibbs’ warm touch. He let his eyes close as Gibbs pulled him into a light kiss that quickly deepened as Gibbs’ tongue mapped out his mouth. As the kiss ended, Gibbs trailed his mouth up Tony’s jaw line and then gave a light nip to the lobe of his ear.

“You ever been tied up DiNozzo?”

Tony’s eyes snapped open and his breathing all but stopped as he looked into Gibbs’ darkening eyes. “Gibbs?” he asked and flushed again with how shaky his voice sounded.

“Tied up so tight that you can’t move, can’t do anything but just hang there waiting for something that might never come?” As Gibbs spoke he continued to pull Tony’s ear into his mouth between words and let his hands trail down Tony’s arms to grasp his wrists tightly.

“Gibbs. Gibbs. Gibbs,” was all Tony managed to breathe out as he leaned his body forward into Gibbs’ strong form. He wanted Gibbs against him more than anything. But Gibbs’ iron grip held him back, inches away from his goal.

“Are you mine tonight Tony? Mine to do whatever I want with?” Gibbs moved them a fraction closer and Tony could feel the body heat from the other man.

Tony nodded his head for the lack of being able to talk, but was stopped when Gibbs spoke again. “You have to tell me Tony.”

Tony wished for a wall he could bang his head against, but settled for a few deep breaths. He had never felt this out of control with anyone and at the same time he wanted nothing more than to let Gibbs do everything and just enjoy the ride.

“Boss,” Tony huffed out. “Want it. Whatever. Want you. Just,” he took another deep breath. “Just don’t leave me hanging.”

“Over here then and no talking,” Gibbs said as he pulled Tony around to the other side of the boat frame.

Tony stopped moving and looked at what was in front of them before giving Gibbs a questioning look. There was, for lack of a better description a wooden doorframe in front of them. The frame was wide and tall enough that Tony was sure he could stretch his arms in any direction from the center and not be able touch the wood. Then he noticed the rings inset full length of each side and one in the top center.

He started to open his mouth to question Gibbs what was about to happen but a sharp slap to his ass curtailed the action. Before he knew it, Tony didn’t have any chance to think about it anymore as Gibbs started to strip him from head to toe. His shoes were pulled off long enough for Gibbs to push his pants and boxers down before they were slid back on and tied tighter than Tony had ever tied them before. Tony felt his skin flush as he realized he was completely naked save his shoes in Gibbs’ basement while Gibbs was still fully clothed and just looking at him.

Tony’s cock, while interested before, hardened further. A small drop of pre-come leaked out of the tip. It was all Tony could do to remain standing as Gibbs flicked out a finger and brushed the fluid before sucking the finger into his mouth. Tony wanted nothing more than for Gibbs to wrap his hand or mouth around his aching cock and finish him off, but he knew the older man had a plan and that wasn’t part of it.

Gibbs grabbed his hands and Tony found black leather gloves being pulled over his fingers. Once his hands were inside, he found out the purpose when he tried to flex his fingers open. The gloves kept his hands lightly fisted and did not allow for any movement beyond a little wiggle. When Gibbs locked each glove in place with leather cuffs, Tony sucked in a breath and held it.

He had never gone that far with anyone in the past. Never trusted the other person enough to give them that control over him. Now, Gibbs was taking that control and Tony was doing all he could not to get lost in the sensations traveling through his body.

“Breathe,” was whispered in his ear and he found himself eager to obey. He didn’t have to do anything; Gibbs would take care of him.

After taking a deep breath, Tony looked up into Gibbs’ blue eyes and was stunned by the smile and the warmth he found on the normally stoic face. It both comforted and confused him and he wanted to just fold himself into Gibbs’ arms and stay there forever.

Gibbs reached his hand up and caressed Tony’s cheek as he spoke, “I’ve got you tonight. You just relax. Nod if you understand.”

Tony found himself nodding before Gibbs finished talking and was rewarded with a brief kiss before Gibbs pulled back to study him and the frame behind him. Tony continued to try to move his fingers and a jolt shot through his body each time he couldn’t. He knew he was on the brink of something that would change his view on Gibbs and sex and he was scared and excited.

“You okay if I put this on?” Gibbs finally asked him as he held up a red ball in one hand and a, for lack of a better word, muzzle in the other. Tony just nodded mutely with wide eyes and let Gibbs work the gear around his head.

Before Tony could adjust to it, Gibbs also clipped a leather collar around his neck, a collar that had four heavy rings set around it. The collar fit snuggly enough that Tony could feel the constriction when he managed to swallow. However, his new headgear was making swallowing all but impossible and he blushed at the thought of the stream of spit that was seeping out around the ball and dripping down his skin.

Tony couldn’t say anything as Gibbs placed his hands on each side of his head and stared deep into his eyes for several long minutes. When he started fidgeting his lower body, Gibbs traced small circles over his cheeks as he told Tony to be still. “Let me take care of you tonight, Tony,” the older man whispered in Tony’s ear before he turned him around and positioned him in the center of the frame.

As Tony stood with hands by his sides, he noticed for the first time the mirror against the wall directly in front of him. He watched with open eyes as Gibbs pressed up behind him and wrapped strong arms around his body. “The rest of the night, if I ask you if you are alright, I want you to blink once for good, twice for slow down and repeatedly for stop. Understood?”

Tony slowly closed and opened his eyes once and was rewarded with a smile from Gibbs via the mirror. The next bit of time passed in a haze as Tony watched with rapt attention as Gibbs lifted his arms above his head. Two of the rings on each of his wrist cuffs were tied together with one end of a leather strap that was threaded through the center ring on the frame. The other hanging end of the strap was tied off on the top of the gag harness. It succeeded in keeping Tony from moving either his head or hands downward because the motion of one would pull the other up.

Next, straps were placed around Tony’s forearms and elbows, keeping them pressed together and creating a slight strain in his arms. Tony felt his breathing increase with the placement of each leather strap over his skin and was beginning to wonder if he could last through anymore.

He blinked his eyes twice, hoping Gibbs was watching. The other man had been when the hands stilled and slid down to wrap around Tony’s chest. Gibbs leaned into his ear and spoke quietly.

“Just breathe, Tony. You want me to keep going?”

Tony thought for just a minute before blinking once again. Gibbs kissed his exposed neck and slid hands down his body. The hands brushed over his erection and Tony bucked his hips before Gibbs wrapped an arm around his waist to hold him still.

“Give me a little time,” Gibbs whispered once more before he pulled back.

Tony kept his main concentration on his breathing as he watched what Gibbs was doing to him in the mirror. Every so often he would let his eyes roam down his form in the mirror and take in his leaking cock, the cock that had been hard since made it to the basement.

Soon, Gibbs had cuffs resting around Tony’s ankles. Tony felt himself blush as Gibbs slid his hands up and down his bare legs as they were pulled out toward the sides of the frame. When Gibbs had Tony’s legs about a shoulder width apart, Tony drew in a sharp breath as Gibbs grabbed a spreader bar to attach between the cuffs.

Before he linked the bar to the cuffs, Gibbs rested his hand on Tony’s lower back and moved it in slow circles. “Okay, Tony?”

Tony responded with one blink and Gibbs continued on. Once the spreader bar was in place, leather straps were stretched from the bottom ring on each side of the frame to the outer parts of the ankle cuffs. With all the ties complete, Tony couldn’t move his feet. He could only rock the middle part of his body around, but with the other rings decorating the frame, Tony knew that wouldn’t last long. He found himself looking forward to it.

It seemed like time had stopped as leather was wrapped around parts of Tony’s body and then linked to the metal rings on the sides of the frames. His calf muscles, knees and thighs were secured. Then came his middle and chest. One strap had placed just below his nipples and another just above and each breath he took caused his hardened nubs to brush the material. Final straps were placed from the side rings of his collar to the frame and then from the sides of the gag harness back to the frame. When the work was complete, Tony tested his bonds and found he could only shift his muscles and move just fractions. He sucked in a deep breath and met Gibbs’ eyes in the mirror.

He wanted to tell Gibbs what he wanted. He wanted to tell Gibbs to fuck him, to open him up and make him come. He wanted to feel Gibbs wrapped around him and feel the calloused hand sliding down his cock. Just the thought had his cock (the only free part of his body) straining upward. It left a trail of pre-come on his stomach that mixed with the saliva that had dripped down from his mouth. He couldn’t say anything, so instead he tried to pour everything he wanted into his eyes as Gibbs watched him in the mirror.

Gibbs smiled at him and Tony blinked once, slowly. Gibbs smile grew as he began pulling off pieces of clothing. Tony wanted to grab him, to help him out of the clothes, to kiss him, but all he could do was hang in the bonds and watch.

Soon Gibbs was naked behind Tony and his breath caught as Gibbs pressed his body against Tony’s back. Gibbs’ own hard cock slid against the crease in his ass. Tony tried to push back against Gibbs, but his attempts at moving did not get very far.

Gibbs leaned in and kissed Tony’s neck and traced his hands around Tony’s body. Every place that Gibbs touched, the muscles would bunch and contract but no other movement could be made. Tony was at Gibbs’ mercy and he found himself wanting to give in even more.

“You ready for me Tony?” came the low voice and the sudden sound in the silence startled Tony.

He blinked once in the mirror and sighed when he felt a slick finger trail from his balls back across his perineum to his waiting hole. Tony closed his eyes as the finger pushed inside. While the finger worked in and out of his body, Gibbs’ other hand moved around to fondle Tony’s balls, occasionally sliding up his dick and back down. Tony’s breath increased with each motion and he clenched all his muscles when he felt the second finger stretch him wider.

By the time the third finger entered his body, Tony wasn’t sure if he could last any longer. Gibbs must have sensed it because a firm hand gripped the base of Tony’s cock staving off the orgasm Tony was so ready for. Once Tony was brought back from that edge, the fingers slid out of his body and Tony watched in the mirror as Gibbs slid his hand over his own cock to place the condom in place.

Tony focused on relaxing as he felt the touch of the tip of Gibbs’ cock just before it pushed inside him. He stopped breathing as he was filled up inside. When Gibbs was fully seated with his balls against Tony’s ass, he leaned in to whisper in Tony’s ear.

“Don’t forget to breathe DiNozzo,” and Tony sucked in some air.

Then Gibbs moved and Tony thought of nothing else but the feel of Gibbs’ dick opening him up, sliding inside of his body. He couldn’t move, couldn’t participate. He just stood there and felt the way Gibbs handled him, felt how much Gibbs wanted him.

Suddenly Gibbs angled his hips just right and brushed Tony’s prostrate. Tony tried to cry out but the gag muffled it. Then there was a hand on cock and Tony found himself coming, silently screaming Gibbs’ name in his head.

As his inner muscles clenched around Gibbs’ driving cock, the older man bit down on Tony’s shoulder and cried out his own release. The only sounds left in the basement were the heavy breathing of both men.

Tony wanted nothing more than to sag to the floor to wrap himself in Gibbs’ embrace and fall asleep. All he could do was hang there with his eyes closed as Gibbs continued to lean against his back and shoulder.

What seemed like hours later, he felt Gibbs’ hands sliding over his body in a quick manner as straps were unhooked and his body was loosened from the imprisonment Gibbs had put it in.

Tony’s hands were undone and Gibbs tugged the younger man onto the floor and a waiting comforter in the corner. He loosed the gag harness and helped Tony get the spit soaked ball out of his mouth. Tony worked his mouth a few times to get movement back before he leaned over and captured Gibbs’ mouth with his own.

When he pulled back from the lazy kiss, Tony smiled his best smile and whispered, “Thanks,” before resting his head against Gibbs’ strong chest.
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: kink, .genre: slash, .noncrossover, challenge: kink bingo, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo

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  • Of Unpacking & Yard Sales...

    The unpacking is almost done when it comes to my room. I've gone through all the boxes and have a few small trinkets and picture frames left in one…

  • Updates All Around...

    I iz moved Still have a few little things left at the apartment and some clothes in the closet, but overall, the furniture and boxes of things…

  • Thanks and Update on the Dad and the Moving

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