Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

NCIS Big Bang Feedback/Progress List

Okay... I'm going to do what chatona did and set up a filter for progress on my ncis_bigbang story. Another words, if you want to read my outlines, notes, thoughts and snippets as I get them written up and provide me with beta tips, ideas, what works and what doesn't, then comment here...

My story is going to be a Gibbs/Tony (and ultimately Gibbs/Tony/Kate) AU. When I say AU, I mean really AU because Anthony is the heir to the throne, Gibbs is a Captain in the royal army, Abigail is Anthony's twin sister and... well things get interesting from there.

If you would like to see my insanity as I write 20k, just comment here and I'll add you to the filter. There's a couple of you I already added cause I know you were interested...


People on the List: avamclean; azraelz_angel; chatona; donutsweeper; estel_angel; krazykipper; mylogiceatsyou; nonamom; satyrnfive; writinginct
Tags: .fanfic, challenge: ncis bigbang

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